Cassie Shortsleeve is a Boston-based freelance writer and editor. She has worked on staff at both Shape and Men's Health and contributes regularly to a slew of national print and digital publications such as Women's Health, Condé Nast Traveler, and Furthermore for Equinox. With a degree in English and creative writing from the College of the Holy Cross, she has a passion for reporting on all things health, lifestyle, and travel.

It's no surprise that on top of the joy that comes with being a new mother comes something not as

We all want more sleep—but if beggars could be choosers, deep sleep might be the favored pick of the sleep-deprived.

On top of everything else going on during pregnancy, up to 94% of women with a baby on the way

No matter how hard you try or how tired you are, sleep doesn't always come easy. That's especially true for

If you're in-tune with the worlds of complementary medicine or spiritual healing—or if you've been on Instagram recently and seen

It's a common conundrum among couples: You're a morning person, your partner is a night owl. When you're ready to

By now you know that the bright blue light emitted by your iPhone can keep you up at night—and that pre-bedtime

If you wake up to your own sounds (or have a partner nudge you awake to quiet you down in

The benefits of the mind-body practice of meditation are many. The restorative technique can relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, pain, and even lower