Alcohol and sleep have a complicated relationship. A single glass of red wine is enough make some people drowsy, and

The difference between innerspring and memory foam mattresses is clear just from the names: one has a core of coiled metal springs,

You found a mattress you love. The next question on your mind very well might be: What should I put

First, the easy one: As the names suggest, the chief difference between a memory foam mattress and an innerspring is the material. One is

You've been doing your homework on a new mattress, and you have a pretty good idea of what you want. Something that sleeps

The type of mattress you love is the type of mattress someone else will hate. So says Terry Cralle, RN, a

Adjustable beds are the latest darlings of the luxury sleep world. It's easy to understand why. Want to elevate your feet

To the list of decisions you need to make when considering a new mattress (innerspring or memory foam? organic or conventional? box spring or

Say "memory foam," and most people flashback to that '90s-era commercial featuring a woman jumping on one side of a