A lot of things affect your metabolism—the chemical reactions in your body that change food into energy—from your age to

Self-care has become an increasingly popular phrase in recent years, and for good reason. It's “a term used to describe

We all know about the stress-busting benefits of yoga—and plenty of studies prove it. If morning yoga can help you

As you drive home from work on a February evening, you might feel yourself longing for a bit more daylight

When you start to feel your neck and shoulders tense up, you know that the pain isn't far behind. Most

As adults, we know how easily sleep can evade us. Between busy schedules, busier minds, and other factors ranging from

Among the many things that can keep someone from falling or staying asleep—too much noise, unwanted light, a partner's snoring—

Energy Star, a federal program, recently made waves when it suggested 82 degrees as the ideal temperature for sleep to help

Beyond eating foods that will make you tired and shutting off your phone an hour before bed, stretching is another