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Saatva Named a “Best Online Mattress” by New York Magazine

Anyone with back pain knows that the right mattress is key to a good night’s sleep. That said, finding a sleep surface firm enough to support your lumbar spine while still being comfortable is no easy task. But that’s exactly what New York magazine senior editor Simone Kitchens found in the Saatva Classic innerspring mattress, which the publication recently named one of the “best all-around mattresses” available online.

“I slouch, so at night I need to lie down on something very firm to counter a long day of slightly stooped sitting and sinking into my hips while standing,” writes Kitchens. “I start out on my back, but eventually collapse over to my side by the middle of the night.”

Kitchens first tried the Saatva Classic in Luxury Firm, Saatva’s bestselling comfort level, which is ideal for side sleepers. She was impressed by “how sturdy the bed felt” and “how incredibly bouncy the double layer of coils makes the Luxury Firm,” but decided to exchange it for Firm, as she prefers firmer sleep surfaces for her sore back. Still, she notes, she could see why side sleepers would like the pressure relief that the Luxury Firm offers. (Here’s more on mattress comfort levels and how to find one that suits you best.)

The Firm turned out to be her best mattress match. “You feel more on top of it, due to the steel springs, but you still have the contoured shape of the raised pillow top,” Kitchens writes. “I move around at night, shape-shifting from my back to my side to stomach, but the firmness of this mattress never created a sunken, stuck feeling, which I’ve found happening with memory foam. Instead, the supported feeling of this bed (which still manages to be pretty plush) kept my lower back from collapsing in, making my spine feel more aligned overall.”

Check Out the Mattress New York Magazine Named a “Best Online Mattress”

Saatva Classic Innerspring

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.


In her review, Kitchens also highlights the use of organic and eco-friendly materials in Saatva mattresses. Chemicals found in conventional mattresses can be bad for your health. Saatva’s innerspring mattress is made with recycled steel, an eco-friendly memory foam layer, and an organic cotton cover. (Learn more about the benefits of sleeping on an eco-friendly mattress.)

New York magazine isn’t the only publication that has given Saatva high marks. Here, find out why Men’s Journal named the Saatva Classic the best mattress for athletes.

Christina Heiser is the content manager at Saatva. She has held previous positions at Everyday Health, Women's Health, and L'Oréal. When she's not working, you can find Christina checking out the latest boutique fitness classes in New York City, cheering on her college basketball team (go Red Storm!), and trying new beauty and wellness trends.