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6 Times You Need a Special Mattress

The world of mattresses is getting ever more diverse, and that’s a good thing. After all, not everyone will get their best sleep on the classic innerspring mattress in a standard size. There are certain circumstances when a special mattress type (such as an extra-durable hybrid) or nonstandard mattress size (like a split king) will be a better option for you.

Here are six situations when you’ll want to think outside the box to find the right mattress.

You have a growing teenager

Does your teenager seem to be heading for the NBA? Get them a twin XL mattress. Twin XLs are the same width as standard twin mattresses (38 inches) but five more inches in length, clocking in at 80 inches long. Twin XLs provide enough legroom for anyone up to 6’7″ tall, so your teen won’t have to worry about their feet hanging off the bed.

You’re part of a tall couple

For tall couples (or couples where one partner is really tall), a California king mattress could be the right choice. Unlike a regular king mattress (76 inches wide by 80 inches long), a California King measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. So if you don’t mind sacrificing a little width in exchange for extra four inches in length, you’ll find it a much more comfortable setup.

These Saatva Mattresses Are Available in Twin XL and California King Sizes

Saatva Classic Innerspring

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.


Loom & Leaf Memory Foam

Premium memory foam, handcrafted in the U.S. with eco-friendly materials. Breathable organic cotton, cooling spinal gel, and layers of high-density support foam assure a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.


Zenhaven Latex Mattress

100% Talalay latex responds to every curve for pressure-free support and responsive comfort. Talalay latex is supple, resilient, and durable, for the ultimate in elevated sleep. (It’s naturally hypoallergenic too.)


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You and your partner have different sleep preferences

If you and your significant other have divergent opinions on what mattress comfort level feels best, then it’s time to consider a split king mattress. A split king is two individual twin XL mattresses placed side by side. Together, they make up the dimensions of a standard king mattress (76 x 80). Getting a split king means you can choose two different firmnesses, so you each end up with what you want.

A variation on the split king mattress is a split top mattress. Designed to be used with an adjustable base, a split top allows each partner to set their own head position. If one half of the couple snores, for instance, or one likes to stay up late reading in bed, a split top can help keep the peace. Another benefit of a split top is that it allows for some individual customization without a full separation down the middle. (If you opt for a split top, keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase special sheets to fit it.)

Our Best Mattress for Couples with Different Sleep Preferences

Solaire Precision Adjustable Air

Featuring 50 precise firmness settings on each side of the bed for personal customization. Talalay latex and gel-infused memory foam layers provide luxury comfort and support. Available in split top and split king sizes for additional customization.


You have a bigger body

If you’re a heavy person, a standard mattress might not be able to offer you the support and comfort your body needs. You want a mattress that is durable, features materials that won’t sag, promotes airflow for cool sleep, and provides good back and joint relief.

hybrid mattress designed specifically to meet the needs of bigger bodies will give you all of this and more. These mattresses typically have an innerspring core, which provides solid support, and comfort layers made of foam and/or latex for contouring pressure relief and better motion isolation. The best mattress for heavy people will also have reinforced edge support, which makes getting in and out of bed easier.

Learn More About Our High-Durability Hybrid Mattress for Bigger Bodies

Saatva HD Hybrid Mattress

This luxury hybrid innerspring mattress is specifically engineered to support people weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. Plush upper layers made of foam and latex deliver comfort, while a high-durability coil base offers support.


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You live in a small space

If you’re a young professional moving into a studio or a loft, then you might not have room for a mattress and a couch. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, though—consider getting a daybed instead. Daybeds—couches that can be used as beds—are an extremely versatile piece of furniture and a great option for solo sleepers (especially if you don’t want to have to open and close a convertible sofa every day).

Daybeds come in a variety of styles and designs, can have arms or railings on both sides, and typically have a twin size mattress. Dress them up in sheets and your favorite duvet and you’re ready to doze off. Remove all that and they become a couch again. Some daybeds even feature storage options—an invaluable feature for small living spaces.

For more advice on making the most of a tiny living space, follow these design tips for small bedrooms.