March 2, 2021

Saatva Celebrates World Sleep Day

Saatva supports the 2021 theme of “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future” with its collection of eco-friendly mattresses, premium bedding, and a sleep-promoting playlist based on nationwide research

World Sleep Day this year (March 19) focuses on the benefits of regular sleep for improving every aspect of life. We couldn't agree more with this vital mission, which is why Saatva is marking the day with its own contributions to the Sleep Day theme of "Regular Sleep, Healthy Future." Based on the learnings from its recent sleep survey of 2,000 Americans, Saatva created its first sleep playlist on Spotify, with musical guidance from Grammy-winning producer Barry Goldstein. Saatva’s Sleep Enlightened blog features a Sleep Day guide, with the top 10 expert tips on how to sleep better. And on Sleep Day as every day, we offer a collection of award-winning mattresses and bedding accessories that make sleep healthier, more restorative, and more comfortable.

Saatva Zenhaven and Latex Hybrid mattresses for healthy, restful sleep

Zenhaven is Saatva’s 100% natural latex mattress. It has a support core made of sustainably harvested latex, topped with a 5-zone latex comfort layer that provides firmer support in the lumbar region and maximum pressure-point relief. For sleepers who prefer the pressure-free support of natural Talalay latex and the responsive feel of innersprings, the Latex Hybrid mattress is the ideal option, made from organic and recycled materials that boasts nontoxic as well as hypoallergenic properties. 

A trio of pillows that offer responsive head and neck support for all sleep positions

Saatva’s highly-rated Latex Pillow features a 3-layer construction with a shredded 100% natural latex core that gives sleepers hotel-quality comfort. For sleepers that prefer the light, airy feel of a traditional down pillow, our custom blend Down Alternative Pillow offers both comfort and durability. And for those who seek a cooler option, the graphite-infused Memory Foam Pillow contours to the head and neck, providing optimal support in every sleep position.

Eco-friendly organic cotton bedding handcrafted for blissful relaxation

Saatva produces bedding using premium, long-staple, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton in various weaves based on different sleep types. The Sateen Sheet Set features silky-soft cotton with timeless elegance for those who prefer a warmer sleep environment. The Percale Sheet Set offers a crisp and cool experience with a luxe matte finish. The responsibly-sourced, all-natural Belgian Linen Sheet Set stays cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and gets softer with every wash. All three collections are made in Fair Trade Certified™ factories with the most rigorous standards of economic and social responsibility for their workers.

Premium mattress toppers, thoughtfully designed to elevate your sleep experience

Mattress toppers are a perfect way to relieve pressure points and provide a more comfortable surface for people with chronic pain or temporary injury. They help to help regulate temperature for those who tend to be too hot or too cold at night as well as reduce motion transfer. Mattress Toppers can also help to ease the “break-in period” that sometimes occurs with a new mattress. Saatva offers graphite, latex, and foam options to accompany one’s sleep journey.

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