The Saatva Boston Viewing Room Welcome Desk
April 1, 2022

Saatva unveils a new retail location in Boston

The DTC mattress company’s modern retail experience arrives in New England in time for Memorial Day

Saatva, America’s Smarter Luxury Sleep company, has arrived to Boston. The Saatva Viewing Room, situated in the heart of Back Bay, is the company’s newest location and its first in New England. The immersive, 4,500-square-foot space was designed to be more than a standard mattress store. Saatva’s Viewing Room is the ultimate destination for an integrated mattress exploration, education, and modern retail technology experience.

The Saatva Boston Viewing Room seating area

“We’re thrilled to be opening our newest Viewing Room in the heart of Boston’s premier shopping district,” said Saatva CEO Ron Rudzin about the Newbury Street location. “An extension of our online presence, it’s another way to experience our commitment to delivering white-glove customer service and made-to-order, premium mattresses that don’t come in a box.”  

The Saatva Boston Viewing Room

A New Design Experience

Saatva Boston marks a new step in the company’s retail design journey. The New England flagship was conceptualized by Devin Hines, formerly part of the interiors team at  Vicente Wolf Associates, and studioTROIKA, a Boston-based architecture firm. An iteration on the four previous Saatva locations he helped design under the auspices of Vicente Wolf, Hines further integrates modern touches and emphasizes the luxuries of the brand with this new interpretation of Smarter Luxury Sleep. This perfectly complements studioTroika’s partner-led, old-school design and construction approach that provides elegance and sophistication on one of the Back Bay’s most iconic streets. 

“One of the first elements you experience is the incredible architecture of the ceiling,” said Hines. The coved ceiling, with its undulating lines, guides visitors through the store as other design features layer on and contribute to that flow. There are numerous ‘wow’ moments throughout the interior, including a 6-by–10-foot changing digital display wall that allows customers to experience a Saatva mattress in the setting of their choice. Like all Saatva Viewing Rooms, Saatva Boston is designed to be a relaxed, self-guided space where customers can use technology to interact with, and learn about, products at their own pace. 

From the moment a visitor enters through the foyer, the Viewing Room aims to redefine the customer experience. With its aromatic fragrance,  subtle color palette, warm lighting,  sustainable flooring and wall treatments, Saatva Boston offers an inviting respite from the city’s bustle. Further into the space, silvery trees form a canopy under the ceiling’s gentle curves. Soft fabrics and floor-to-ceiling mirrors punctuate the walls throughout, creating a unified environment from start to finish. In keeping with Saatva's "made in America" philosophy, interior materials and finishes, including the architectural lighting were manufactured in the U.S.A.

In addition to showcasing Saatva’s full lineup of made-to-order luxury mattresses—featuring innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid, adjustable air, youth, and crib options.  Saatva’s suite of organic bedding products are also on display, including the new Organic Velvet Diamond quilt and the Organic Channel Cotton quilt, perfect for upgrading one’s sleep sanctuary. 

The Saatva Boston


Cutting-Edge Technology

Thanks to a partnership with Samsung, the Boston Viewing Room is outfitted with state-of-the-art displays and the latest behavior-sensing technology to help customers discover, personalize, and build their ideal sleep experience. In addition to the digital  “hero” wall, composed of nine Samsung VM46T-U 46-inch Full HD Ultra-Narrow Bezel Video Wall Displays,  information kiosks at each bed display allow visitors to interact with the collection at their own pace, with knowledgeable Sleep Guides on hand to assist and answer questions. 

“Samsung is committed to helping retailers provide unique and enhanced customer experiences by leveraging data and in-store behavior,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President of Sales, Display Division Samsung Electronics America. “Our continued partnership with Saatva is a testament to how our display technology and software solutions continue to improve the customer journey from the moment the consumer enters the store.”

The touch-activated accessories wall in the Saatva Boston Viewing Room

As customers explore bedding, pillow, and other top-of-bed accessories, for example, an LED display embedded in the accessories wall changes to display pertinent product information. In the children’s bed area, kids can interact with the Flip, a 55-inch whiteboard with a touch screen for drawing. 

“Samsung’s technology allows us to optimize and automate store campaigns and the product information based on real-time integrated data to deliver the content and information that our customers care about most when shopping,” said Rudzin.

The Boston Viewing Room opens just in time for the summer.  Visit the Viewing Room to see our full selection of best-in-class luxury mattresses and eco-friendly and organic bedding products and experience what makes Saatva the Smarter Luxury Sleep company.

The Saatva Boston Viewing Room Storefront

Viewing Room Information:
Saatva Boston
90 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 10 AM - 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM, Sunday 11 AM - 6 PM

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