6 Best Interior Design Trends of 2024: Get Ready for a Bedroom Refresh

Experts recommend refreshing your bedroom to promote restful sleep and embrace 2024 trends. Laura Williams, owner and lead designer of ATX Interior Design, suggests incorporating modern picture molding, moody jewel tones, chocolate hues, vintage-inspired furnishings, brass accents, and off-white shades. These trends reflect a shift towards softer, more romantic design choices, departing from the harsh contrasts of previous years. 

At the start of a new year, you may be making your list of New Year’s resolutions. While things like fitness and career aspirations might top that list, here’s one that you can consider adding: refreshing your interior spaces—specifically, your bedroom.

After all, experts say a soothing bedroom helps promote more restful sleep. And to really make it your own and bring in some trends along the way, you can weave in some touches that are fresh for 2024.

“It’s so wonderful going into a new year with something to look forward to, whether it be new personal goals, professional goals, or even exciting life changes,” says Laura Williams, owner and lead designer of ATX Interior Design. “It’s a blank slate that invites you to make a change.”

Why not look to the place you spend the most time in every day—even if it’s mostly to sleep—to find this change? “A primary bedroom is the perfect room to change for the new year,” says Williams.

Ahead, we’ll share the latest trends in interior design so you can update your bedroom in the new year.

Picture moulding

While picture moulding, the one-and-a-half to two-inch thick wall treatment that circles a room, has been around for some time, it’s on the radars of trendsetters once again.

Williams explains that a modern take is a more narrowly-spaced form of picture moulding. Use it in your bedroom to break up a solid-hued accent wall or to punctuate your windows or artwork.

Moody colors

Williams says jewel tones in paint colors are becoming more popular—and they happen to be ideal colors for bedrooms as well.

For jewel tones, think hues inspired by gemstones, like emerald, ruby, and sapphire. These are colors that aren’t too bright for a bedroom (you don’t want your walls to be overly energizing) and will make the space feel cocooned and cozy too.

Chocolate everything

While black and the related charcoal trends of the past few years are “out the window,” as Williams says, chocolate is now making its way into spaces instead.

Shades of chocolate and dark brown in general are, in Williams’ opinion, the colors of 2024. Bring the trend into your bedroom by incorporating a chocolate-hued leather headboard or creamy brown linens. (Our

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leather bed frame is available in a rich brown hue.)

Old over new

“I’m finding that new furniture and decor companies are trying to copy the design of antiques and moving away from the modern movements of recent years,” Williams says.

For your bedroom, that means tracking down vintage-inspired furnishings from favorite companies or going straight to the originals by shopping at antique stores and flea markets.

Dip your toe in by centering around an antique piece of artwork above your bed or go all in with a dresser, headboard, and nightstands that were all made during bygone eras.

Brass accents

Although brass has been a top trend recently, Williams says it’s far from over. In fact, she says it’ll be even more popular in 2024.

Vintage brass accents, from bookends to decor pieces, can bring an old-school vibe to your bedroom. You could also opt for a brass bed frame to really represent the trend.

Off-white hues

Crisp, airy white has been a color of choice for bedrooms and other spaces in the past few years. But now, Williams is noticing that when it comes to trends, white is no longer “white.” It gravitates toward off-white, and she’s finding that her favorite whites aren’t really white at all.

“They are leaning more greige than anything,” she says, referencing the combination of gray and beige. An easy way to bring this trend into your bedroom is through a comforter and other linens.


As Williams details, some of the leading trends for 2024 include modern takes on picture moulding, moody jewel tones, chocolate colors, vintage pieces over current-day ones, brass accents, and shades of off-white.

“I think that interior design trends are often determined by fashion trends,” Williams says. “While they are different art forms, fashion and home design more often than not go hand-in-hand with the colors and styles that are typically on-trend.”

“I think harsh contrast is on its way out,” Williams shares. “I think more subtle and subdued design choices are more popular now.” She also believes that overall, 2024 is going to feel a little more romantic in its design trends. “To me, the elevated designs are going to lend to a feeling of coziness and warmth,” says Williams.

There are so many great trends on the horizon for 2024. If you want to make your bedroom look right this minute, Saatva offers a variety of high-quality bedroom furniture pieces to help bring the latest interior design trends to life in the bedroom.

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