cottagecore themed bedroom with twinkling lights and cozy bed sheets

7 Interior Design Trends to Try in Your Bedroom

/ March 15, 2021

Every year, new interior design trends pop up, and it’s always fun to bring an element of what’s happening right now into your bedroom. Some trends are purely aesthetic while others can help you live—and sleep—better. 

Here are seven of the latest interior design trends for 2021 that you can weave into your bedroom.

japandi style bedroom with mattress, plants, and wood furniture

Japandi style features wood furniture that is close to the ground and serene colors.


What it is: As a blending of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism, Japandi is a term that seems to be on all the interior designers’ lips these days. Touching upon the Japanese idea of wabi-sabi, or  discovering beauty in imperfection, Japandi spaces embrace things like serene colors, eye-pleasing items that also serve a practical purpose, and high-quality craftsmanship.

How to try this interior design trend: To create a bedroom steeped in Japandi style, incorporate neutral hues that inspire deep rest, natural fabrics, uncluttered visuals, and furniture that’s low to the ground so it can better connect to the earth.


What it is: Teens and adults alike have latched onto a trend known as cottagecore. It’s an idealized approach to celebrating simpler times and rural locales, with devotees oftentimes wearing flowing dresses and making bread and jam. When it comes to cottagecore interior design, it's all about incorporating floral wallpaper and shabby-chic furniture into your living space.

How to try this interior trend: If you’d like to bring this Instagram-ready look into your bedroom, display rugs and wallpaper in ornate, patterned florals, stock up on flea-market furniture (bonus points if it sports well-loved, chipped paint), set out dried bouquets in vases, and hang twinkle lights above your headboard.

friluftsliv style bedroom with mattress outside in forest next to clothing rack

Friluftsliv design is all about bringing the outdoors inside.


What it is: Pronounced “free-loofts-liv,” friluftsliv is a Norwegian way of life that centers on spending time outdoors, even if the weather isn’t ideal. Translating to “outdoor life,” it’s a philosophy that can also be adhered to indoors, with spaces draped in accents that nod to nature.

How to try this interior design trend: For your friluftsliv-focused bedroom, you’ll want to hang artwork that shows off stunning nature scenes, put driftwood and other natural objects in glass containers, stick to soft colors drawn from the outdoors, and decorate with natural textures, like sisal or jute.


What it is: While minimalism has been such a big trend in recent years (thanks, Marie Kondo!), maximalism is also quite popular right now. Throughout the pandemic, more and more people have wanted to surround themselves with decor that’s unique and inspires happy feelings. This has resulted in a “more is more” approach to decorating.

How to try this interior design trend: If a maximalist bedroom appeals to you, feel free to pile on the color and patterns through layered rugs and punchy wallpaper. A large collection of vintage finds could live on your dresser, and you can definitely go big or go home with your lighting. Think flashy chandeliers and wall sconces that look more like art pieces than lights.

plants on windowsill in bedroom

Adding plants to your bedroom is an easy way to try the wellness design trend.

Wellness design

What it is: Another trend that’s arisen with the pandemic is a deeper interest in creating homes that are beneficial to physical and mental health. Called wellness design, homeowners are paying careful attention to using organic textiles, eco-friendly paints, and crafting calming spaces devoted to yoga, meditation, and fitness.

How to try this interior design trend: In your bedroom, you can include wellness design elements by bringing in plenty of houseplants, sleeping on organic bedding, and eliminating blue light from electronic devices.

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Feng shui

What it is: It’s no surprise that with all our time spent at home these days, people simply want to feel better in their spaces. That's why feng shui, an ancient practice, is even more popular than ever right now. Pronounced "fung shway," it's a traditional Chinese design approach that focuses on bringing good energy (also known as “chi”) and success into a home.

​​​​​How to try this interior design trend: To enjoy a feng shui bedroom, it’s important to declutter (this approach is all about minimalism), choose a neutral color palette, and go with a wood headboard, something that feng shui practitioners believe promotes “gentle energy” that can improve sleep.

Personal touches

What it is: Something else that’s come about during the pandemic is a desire to make spaces even more personal. Many stylish rooms are currently showcasing family heirlooms in creative ways, displaying gallery walls of old family photos, and showing off stacks of beloved childhood books.

How to try this interior design trend: You can achieve this feeling in your bedroom by making a quilt or framed textile using scraps of fabric from your bygone clothing, blowing the dust off beloved flea market treasures that may be sitting in your attic, and creating a gallery wall of family photos to hang above your bed.

Ready to give your bedroom a green makeover? Try these eco-friendly design tips.

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