bedroom with natural elements in it, which is one of the top interior design trends of 2022

6 Interior Design Trends to Try in Your Bedroom Right Now

/ February 1, 2022

Every year, new interior design trends pop up, and it’s always fun to bring an element of what’s happening right now into your bedroom. Some trends are purely aesthetic while others can help you live—and sleep—better.

Here are six of the latest interior design trends for 2022 you can weave into your bedroom, according to two experts in the know.

bedroom with saatva modern foam mattress and plants in it

Add a large plant to your bedroom to achieve a nature-inspired feel.

Nodding to the outdoors

“Bringing the outdoors inside is a big theme of the year with people realizing how great the outdoors and nature can be for their health and mind,” says Lauren Lerner, principal designer at Living with Lolo.

In the bedroom, Lerner says you can achieve this nature-inspired feel by bringing live or faux plants into the space. She also recommends utilizing other natural elements that are both practical and touch upon the outdoors, such as bamboo sheets that can make sleeping cooler and more comfortable.

In this spirit of nodding to nature, Kristin Bartone, principal designer at Bartone Interiors, says interior design is increasingly focused on sustainability.

“You can certainly achieve this with a Saatva mattress and other furnishings in your bedroom,” she says. To make your sleeping space more environmentally friendly, Bartone recommends switching to LED lighting and setting the scene with decor made from recycled materials.

saatva porto bed frame with curved details

Choose a bed frame with curved details, like our Porto platform bed.

Soft lines

When it comes to furniture and decor, this year, it’s all about curves and soft silhouettes. Bartone says nearly every manufacturer is incorporating soft lines, arcs, and curves in all their furniture.

“Trends are often based on what society needs at the moment,” Bartone notes. “Right now, recovering from the global health crisis and economic strain, people want to be embraced by the furniture, lighting, and fabrics that we interact with in our everyday environment.”

In your bedroom, you can incorporate the curved trend by picking an arched headboard or a rounded mirror to display as wall art.

lavender essential oil diffuser

Use an essential oil diffuser to pump a relaxing scent into your bedroom.

Calm touches

Since many of our lives have been so stressful in recent times, it’s no wonder increasing “peace and a positive state of mind at home is a big deal in 2022,” as Lerner puts it. In your home, you should think of your bedroom as your stress-busting headquarters, the place where you can power down and get into a sleep-ready state of mind.

Lerner advises “clearing out the clutter” from your bedroom—she believes televisions should be removed from bedrooms as well, something that can help with “the way it looks” and “the blue light won’t affect your sleeping quality or cycle.”

Additionally, Lerner says it can be helpful to add an Amazon Echo or another audio device so you can listen to calming sounds, like waves. “Layering lighting and using dimmers help increase the peaceful ambiance in the space as well,” she adds.

Bartone is also a proponent of adding aromatherapeutic elements to a bedroom. “Sense of smell is strongly linked to your emotional well-being and supports memory formation,” she says. “Lavender is an obvious choice, but you can use other neutral scents like frankincense, bergamot, and patchouli. There are many ways to incorporate aromatherapy, from candles to air diffusers to oil diffusers.”

artwork to hang in bedroom

Hang one-of-a-kind artwork in your bedroom for a more unique look.

Artisan decor

Bartone says she’s been seeing a lot of focus on one-of-a-kind pieces created by local or regional artists, which can make your bedroom aesthetic look more unique. One example is a custom-designed rug made by an artist.

“Think of adding some one-of-a-kind pieces to your bedroom through rugs like these or even artwork and decorative objects, like bowls or vases from a favorite potter friend,” Bartone says. (Here's how to mix and match your bedroom furniture.)

green wallpaper with plants in front of wall

Select wallpaper in a soothing tone to create calm vibes in your bedroom.

Thoughtful use of color

While neutral hues have prevailed in recent years, people are increasingly returning to bolder colors within their palettes. Lerner says she’s been seeing clients wanting to incorporate more color and pattern into their spaces. “A great way to do this in the bedroom is by adding in a colorful wallpaper,” she notes.

Bartone believes color can be used thoughtfully to create a calm atmosphere, something that’s especially true in a bedroom.

“Many people have a favorite color, but do you know why that is your favorite color? It could be the color you look best in or a color that just makes you feel good,” she says. “Think about incorporating these favorite colors into your bedroom in soft tones that will create a calm environment.”

person using laptop on saatva lineal adjustable base

Use an adjustable base, like our Lineal, to work from bed.

Multifunctional areas

The pandemic has inspired many people to use their spaces in entirely new ways, particularly if they’re without a home office. They’ve needed to get creative with where they’ve set up workspaces, a trend that’s continuing into 2022. Surprisingly, a bedroom can act as one of these multifunctional spaces when it comes to work.

“As people continue working from home, even those that are just part-time, having multifunctional spaces are key if there isn't a dedicated space for an office,” Lerner observes. “If you have to add an office desk to your bedroom, focus on organization so the space remains clean and uncluttered.” (You can even use an adjustable bed base to work from bed.)

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