trending bedroom paint colors, including white, navy, yellow, and pink

Thinking about changing up your bedroom hue but overwhelmed with all of the paint colors you have to choose from?

We're here to help you out. We reached out to Benjamin Moore to see what the most popular bedroom colors are right now and what you need to know before you start painting. 

Whether you're hoping for a crisp, light room that feels open and airy or a deep, dark room that emulates the night sky, there's an option out there you'll love.

How to choose the right bedroom color 

Keep the following factors in mind to help you determine which paint color is right for your bedroom. 

Bedroom direction

First things first: Determine which direction your bedroom faces.

  • North-facing bedrooms get less direct light during the day and are therefore cooler. You can warm things up by choosing a warmer paint color. Or, embrace the lack of light and choose a dark hue for a cozy vibe. Just skip white paint, which may look dull. 
  • South-facing bedrooms get a lot of sunlight during the day. That means any paint color you choose is going to be intensified. So, opt for something soft and cool to keep things balanced. 
  • East-facing bedrooms get lots of light in the morning but not so much in the evening. Consider choosing a warmer paint color if you spend a lot of time in the bedroom in the afternoon and early evening hours. This can help offset the lack of light.
  • West-facing bedrooms don't get much sunlight in the morning, but that changes come afternoon and evening. You may want to avoid warm paint colors if you spend a lot of time in the bedroom in the afternoon and evening hours because they can be overwhelming. Instead, tone things down with a cool hue. 

Time of day

The color of your walls will look different at different times of day, depending on where the sun is in the sky. Early morning light, for example, may give your chosen paint color a radiant glow. In the afternoon, though, when the sun is at its peak, some colors may get washed out.

This is one of the main reasons why it's important to buy paint samples and put a swatch on the wall. Step into the room and get a feel for the color during different times of day. Leave the swatch up for a few days so you can see how it feels on days when it may not be quite as bright outside. 

Paint finish

Don't know whether to choose a shiny or matte finish? The type of paint will make more of an impact than you might think. If you have an older home with less-than-perfect walls, for example, it's a good idea to test out different paint finishes first. That's because a glossy finish could accentuate any texture or flaws in the walls. 

For bedrooms, semi-gloss or matte are ideal finishes because they look soft and don't reflect as much light as glossier finishes.  

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Best paint color trends for your bedroom

Ready to play with color? Here are six shades that are trending for bedrooms right now, according to the pros at Benjamin Moore. Bonus: We used their room visualizer to give you a glimpse into how each shade looks in the bedroom. 

Simply White paint color seen on bedroom wall

Simply White is a creamy, buttery shade that adds warmth to the bedroom.

Simply White

You haven't lived until you've spent hours debating the exact shade of white for your living space. Simply White just so happens to be perfect for the bedroom. This creamy, almost buttery shade of white adds a touch of warmth to any room. It has yellow and gold undertones that give it more of an ivory look rather than stark white. That will help keep your bedroom from feeling too sterile. 

Try Simply White OC-117.

Wickham Gray paint color seen on bedroom wall

Wickham Gray is a soft gray that feels warm when it's hit by the light.

Wickham Gray

From the swatch, Wickham Gray's green undertones look like they're going to make a big impact—but when you see the color on the walls, it looks much softer. Keep in mind that it has a particularly warm feel when it's hit by the light. 

Try Wickham Gray HC-171.

Silver Half Dollar paint color seen on bedroom wall

Silver Half Dollar is a cool gray that has calm vibes.

Silver Half Dollar

This gray has cool, crisp undertones. It looks fresh and clean and adds a dose of calm to any space. Silver Half Dollar would make for an eye-catching contrast to all-white bedding and furniture.

Try Silver Half Dollar 2121-40.

First Light paint color seen on bedroom wall

First Light is an airy, sophisticated pink that pairs well with many other colors.

First Light

That's right: Pink isn't just for a baby nursery. This soft, airy pink looks fresh and sophisticated. It also pairs well with lots of other colors, regardless of their warm or cool undertones.

Try First Light 2102-70.

Chelsea Gray paint color seen on bedroom wall

Chelsea Gray is a deep shade of gray that looks great when paired with other dark colors.

Chelsea Gray

The color description for this deep shade of gray uses words like "sophisticated" and "scholarly," and that's because it truly adds a warm cosmopolitan touch to any room. It would be the perfect option if you wanted to go for a dark room and would even look great paired with dark furniture. It also makes any white hues look crisp.

Try Chelsea Gray HC-168.

Evening Dove paint color seen on bedroom wall

Evening Dove is a stunning dark blue reminiscent of the night sky.

Evening Dove

This is one of those colors that's so stunning, it would even look great if you painted the walls, trim, and ceiling in the same shade. This would give you the feel of sleeping inside the night sky. As for what bedding and textiles pair best with Evening Dove, crisp, white options are the way to go.

Try Evening Dove 2128-30.

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