4 Ways to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

Mixing and matching bedroom furniture is a popular trend in interior design. It allows for more personalization and avoids the need for a perfectly matching set. By embracing imperfection, choosing pieces that fit your needs, coordinating bedding and fabrics, and blending colors, woods, and finishes, you can create a unique and stylish bedroom.

The nice thing about interior design nowadays is that really, trulyanything goes. For example, you no longer have to match all your furniture in one space. Actually, to create a bedroom design that looks cool and customized (and not like it came from a catalog), you can mix and match bedroom furniture.

There are several benefits to mixing and matching bedroom furniture. It means you won’t have to commit to a single set of entirely matching pieces if they don’t all resonate with you. And it can be more economical too.

If you want to pick up some mix-and-match furniture ideas and achieve this look like a pro, check out these helpful tips from Lucy Penfield, principal at Lucy Interior Design.

How to mix and match bedroom furniture

1. Embrace imperfection

If you’re wondering how to mix and match furniture in a bedroom, this tip should be number one: throw out perfection.

Penfield believes a matching collection can often create too much orderor look too perfectin a space that should be relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming.

“We much prefer scrambling it up and avoiding using the same collection,” she says. We might pair a similar companion piece to complement, but it is not perfectly matching.

For instance, that means that while all your pieces may showcase a vintage finish or appearance, like the

Saatva Valencia Bed Frame
saatva valencia bed frame

A classic yet contemporary platform bed frame

, they may all display different hues or even varying wood finishes.

2. Get pieces that fit your needs

Instead of worrying about things like how to mix and match dressers, focus on pieces that suit your lifestyle the best.

Ask yourself questions like: Does this dresser have enough drawers for my clothes? Would I prefer a floating nightstand over one with drawers for a more minimalist look? Do I want my bed frame to stand out in black next to white furniture pieces?

Penfield agrees with this approach, saying that everyone has different needs and functions for each bedroom furniture piece. “This way, we can tailor it to the client’s preference perfectly,” she says.

3. Go cohesive with bedding and fabrics

If you’re going to mix and match bedroom furniture, there should be one element that’s cohesive in the roomand that’s the bedding.

Choosing bedding and fabrics in a too-wide variety of colors and patterns will look overwhelming next to mixed and matched bedroom furniture. It’s best to go with one hue or similar patterning throughout.

Penfield says fabrics should “blend harmoniously” in a bedroom, adding that a sleep space should be “choreographed carefully.” (Here’s how to incorporate velvet into the bedroom.)

4. Blend colors, woods, and finishes

“We love mixing materials—light woods with dark, painted with natural, mixing metals or glass—and this works wonderfully when blending various styles and collections,” Penfield says. “It is truly more artistic and interesting aesthetically as well as functionally. We don’t want to limit our creativity.”

If you’d like some cohesion with your furniture pieces, Penfield says she prefers to stick to two finishes in a space. “Perhaps we’ll repeat the same wood finish of the bedside tables with wood leg finishes on a chair or chaise,” she shares. “But the dresser or bench welcomes a different finish.”

At times, she’ll toss in a mirror finish or glass as a third finish to add interest and style. (Here are more tips on choosing the right bedroom furniture.)

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Is it OK to mix and match bedroom furniture?

Yes, absolutely. In the interest of saving money and adding personality to a room that doesn’t look like it’s been lifted from the pages of a catalog, mixing and matching bedroom furniture is ideal. As Penfield says, “Do what feels natural and comfortable for you.”

Do nightstands and dressers need to match?

Not at all. But if you want a bit of cohesion, perhaps match the drawer pulls or wood legs on each piece.

Can bedroom furniture be different colors?

Yes, but it’s best to choose pieces from the same color family. That way everything will still look like it goes together.

“A coastal vibe tends to have contrast with white and blue or coral—but in a more contemporary space, it might be blends of whites and creams with a soft blue or lilac tossed in for interest and depth,” says Penfield. “Or we harmoniously blend families of colors, hues of lilacs and purples or a soft warm palette of blush and peach—these are families of color that live together easily.”

Mix and match bedroom furniture with Saatva

Are you sold on mixing and matching your bedroom furniture? Saatva has everything you need to mix up your bedroom furniture. From bed frames in all different styles to

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, and

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, you can find your ideal bedroom furniture here.

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