How to Use an Ottoman in Your Bedroom

Ottomans are versatile additions to bedrooms, offering seating and storage. Originating from the Ottoman Empire, they come in various shapes, sizes, and upholstery. When choosing one, consider size, storage, and matching it with bedroom decor. Place it strategically for accessibility. 

When weighing furniture choices for your bedroom, the biggies likely come to mind: a bed frame, a couple of nightstands, and a dresser. But have you considered adding an ottoman to your bedroom?

What exactly is the use of an ottoman in a bedroom? It turns out these pieces can be smart additions to a bedroom since they’re multipurpose items.

“Ottomans are an elegant and incredibly functional addition to almost any bedroom because they provide two things that almost every bedroom needs: seating and storage,” notes Amy Peltier, CEO of Peltier Interiors.

Ahead, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to choose an ottoman and how to best use it in your bedroom.

What is an ottoman?

During the time of the Ottoman Empire in modern-day Turkey, ottomans were low wooden platforms that were designed to be piled with cushions for seating, explains Peltier.

They were brought to Europe in the late 1900s but kept their name after their place of origin. Eventually, the ottoman went from a seat to being more of a footstool that was often upholstered and put near a fireplace or a sofa.

Types of ottomans

Did you know that there are rectangular, square, and circular ottomans? Peltier adds that some have a top that lifts off “for amazing storage inside.”

Some are on casters, others are on legs. “And then there is a great range of upholstery,” says Peltier. “Leather, fabric, tufted, and more.”

How to choose the best bedroom ottoman

First and foremost, Peltier says you’ll want to select a size that works with your bedroom.

“If it’s a smaller space with the bed taking up much of its footprint, you’ll want to make sure to scale the ottoman accordingly so that it is never blocking the flow in the room, especially between the bed and the door and the bed and the closet,” she says.

In general, you should ensure that there are at least 18 inches of space between the ottoman and the bed or the ottoman and a dresser, adds Peltier.

Secondly, when selecting an ottoman for the bedroom, Peltier always encourages clients to consider the storage option.

“It’s just always useful, for everything from a throw blanket to a convenient place to store magazines,” she says.

Peltier also thinks an ottoman should absolutely match the rest of your bedroom furniture.

“Think of it the same way you could with your throw pillows or curtains or other textures in the bedroom,” she says. “Just like other elements, the ottoman should complement the overall colors, patterns, and feeling of the space.”

Our best ottomans for the bedroom

Brienne Channel Ottoman

Give your room an eye-catching accent with the sleek Brienne ottoman. Designed to pair beautifully with our designer bed frames.

Our best ottomans for the bedroom

Constance Tufted Ottoman

Add a stately accent to your bedroom with the plush Constance Ottoman. Designed to pair beautifully with our designer bed frames.

How to use an ottoman in the bedroom

There are two primary purposes of the bedroom ottoman, says Peltier. One is seating and the other is storage.


“So often the only place to sit in a bedroom is the bed,” says Peltier. “Having an ottoman means you have another place to sit, whether you’re putting your shoes on, adjusting your makeup, or taking a call.”


“This is where we’re typically storing our clothes, shoes, and so much more,” says Peltier. “And there’s also a third use for an ottoman—a convenient place to toss a robe, a jacket, or even a dress when you just don’t have the energy to officially put something away.”

Where to place a bedroom ottoman

As for where to put an ottoman in the bedroom, Peltier says she loves an ottoman between the bed and a window—or, if you have a chair or window bench in your bedroom, you can place it near there.


Can you sit on an ottoman?

You can absolutely sit on an ottoman, says Peltier. “Keep in mind that they’re lower than typical seats so you may get a little core workout in there as well,” she adds.

Can you put an ottoman in a bedroom?

Definitely. It’s a smart addition to a bedroom since it can act as storage and as a bonus seating option for putting on your shoes or talking on the phone.

What should you store in a bedroom ottoman?

Peltier says throw blankets and winter sweaters are ideal for a bedroom storage ottoman. “Think about things that are bulky and won’t wrinkle when folded,” she says.

Find the best ottoman for the bedroom at Saatva

Now that we’ve helped you see the benefits of a bedroom ottoman, know that Saatva offers a range of bedroom ottomans.

For a cool, modern look, the

Brienne Channel Ottoman
brienne channel ottoman
Brienne Channel Ottoman

A modern ottoman with a streamlined, tailored channel design

can act like a bench at the end of your bed, featuring padded channel tufting for extra plushness and coming in three fabric options.

For a more traditional feel, look to the

Constance Tufted Ottoman
saatva constance tufted ottoman
Constance Tufted Ottoman

An elegant ottoman with a decadent plushness

, punctuated with deep button tufting and also available in three fabric options.

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