6 Brown Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Cozy and Inviting Space

Brown has become a trending color for bedrooms due to its warm and cozy qualities. Design experts recommend incorporating brown through various elements like blankets, fabric, throw pillows, furniture, artwork, or nature-inspired decor. The versatility of brown, with its different shades, allows for personalized and stylish bedroom designs. Its grounding and comforting nature make brown an ideal choice for creating a relaxing and inviting bedroom space.

No matter what’s happening in the world of trends, one thing is always true: Some colors trend more than others, with certain color palettes and hues prevailing over others. Right now, brown is a surprisingly popular color—in fact, it’s one of the best colors you can use in your bedroom.

“Brown can be a very grounding color with its warm and cozy qualities,” says Grey Joyner, designer at Grey Joyner Interiors. “When I think of brown, the key words that come to mind are teddy bear, cashmere sweater, and chocolate. Who doesn’t want all those things, especially in a bedroom?”

We all desire a place that’s our own away from the kids, friends, co-workers, and sometimes spouses so we can reboot and rest, notes Joyner. She finds the color brown to be nurturing and grounding, making it an ideal color to use in a sleep space.

“There are so many shades of brown to choose from, so it gives you a lot of options,” she says. “And because brown is found in nature, it can bring a bit out of the outside inside, which can bring an organic feel to a bedroom.”

From dark chocolate to light caramel, ahead, we’ll share some expert-approved brown bedroom decorating ideas.

Brown bedroom ideas

Incorporate it through a blanket

If you’d like to dip your toe into the water of this trend and embrace some cozy brown bedroom decor, Joyner recommends simply bringing a brown blanket into your bedroom. She suggests getting a “cozy cashmere light brown throw” and tossing it over a chair or at the foot of your bed.

Display fabric and throw pillows

To make brown the star of the show in your bedroom, Joyner says you can “make brown the foundation” through fabric for window treatments, along with brown throw pillows. She advises pairing these brown touches with colors like blush, terracotta peach, or turquoise.

Go monochromatic

For a take on modern brown bedroom decor, consider a tonal, monochromatic look for your bedroom. “Identify three to five shades of brown and use the colors for your bed linens, rugs, and lampshades,” Joyner remarks.

Bring in brown furniture

Maybe classy brown bedroom decor is more your speed. For this, Joyner suggests showcasing elegant brown furniture throughout your bedroom. “One piece of great brown furniture will ground a room,” she says. “It can be a beautiful antique piece that’s been in the family for generations or a gorgeous rich brown bed frame.”

Joyner goes on to say that if you’re OK with more than one piece of brown furniture in your bedroom, consider brown side tables, a chest of drawers, and a cozy chair. “But don’t make every single piece brown furniture because it could look dated and drab,” Joyner cautions.

Display brown artwork or decorative items

For some brown bedroom decor that won’t overtake the space, ponder simply bringing in predominantly brown artwork or other decorative pieces. As Joyner says, this could be “a fabulous piece of art in a wonderful wooden frame or a beautiful old wood box on the dresser or bedside table,” which she explains is a great way to bring brown into a room.

Weave in nature

Since brown is a natural color and represents the outdoors, Joyner says that to incorporate this feel, you can display a vase of wood branches or a clear bowl of textured leaves, which are both effective ways to accent a bedroom with brown.

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Is brown a good color for the bedroom?

Yes! The color is grounding, nurturing, cozy, and comforting, which makes it an ideal shade for a space where you’re looking to wind down and relax, says Joyner. “Brown is definitely not boring if you thoughtfully consider how to use it in a bedroom,” she adds.

What is a good dark bedroom color?

As a designer, Joyner says she tends to use softer colors in bedrooms on the walls, but a deep chocolate brown ceiling or trim can make it look rich and inviting. “This is where you need to pay close attention to the finish of the paint,” she advises. “I would go semi-gloss to add a bit of sheen to the brown.”

What color goes with brown in a bedroom?

Brown is a neutral because it pairs well with so many different colors, such as white, cream, blushes, so many shades of blue, and even soft yellows, explains Joyner. “If you choose to use a saturated brown for the walls, definitely add some lighter colors to add dimension to the room,” she says.

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