father's day gift guide - image of father and son reading in bed

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Better Sleep

Let’s face it—Dad doesn’t need another tie. He already has perfectly good grilling tools. And he frankly doesn’t want an ab-exerciser or a classic shaving kit. The best gift you can give him this Father’s Day is one that will improve his sleep. Not only will he get to enjoy it every night, but better rest may provide a host of health benefits, from a stronger heart to a sharper brain, better weight control, resistance to disease, and improved moods.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, here are our picks for the best sleep-enhancing gifts for the dads in your life.

father's day gift guide - gravity cooling blanket

For insomniacs

Gravity Cooling Blanket, $259

Weighted blankets—that is, blankets that clock in at 15 to 25 pounds—provide a soothing, calming effect that delivers deep, restful Z’s without drugs or supplements. In a recent study, 72% of users reported improved sleep and 55% reported less stress and anxiety. The problem is these thick blankets sleep hot, especially during the summer and especially for guys, who tend to prefer cooler sleeping conditions than women. Enter the Gravity Cooling Blanket, which includes a special duvet designed to wick moisture and keep Dad as cool as he is relaxed.

father's day gift guide - lectro white noise machine

For light sleepers

LectroFan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine, $50

A white noise machine will let Dad snooze right through barking dogs, passing emergency vehicles, thunder and lightning storms, early morning songbirds, his teenagers’ late-night hangouts downstairs, or whatever din invades his nighttime environment. And this is the best white noise machine around, according to The New York Times product review site Wirecutter, thanks to “its electronically generated, non-repeating white noise options,” ease of use in the dark, and small footprint on the nightstand.

father's day gift guide - saatva latex mattress topper

For tossers-and-turners

Saatva Mattress Topper, $375 (queen size)

A latex mattress topper will add support, cushioning, and durability to Dad’s bed—and prevent body impressions from forming in his mattress. Our topper is recommended by orthopedists and chiropractors alike. It’s ventilated for cool comfort—and, at just 1.5 inches thick, it will work with the fitted sheets Dad already has.

For multitaskers

Bedside Essentials Pocket, $16 to $20 for large size

Pops will never lose his crossword puzzle, Kindle, remote control, or reading glasses in the blankets again if you give him a handy spot to store them. This sturdy felt pouch has a rear flap that slides between the mattress and foundation to lock it in place, so he can easily stow—and find—everything.

father's day gift guide - vansky underbed light

For night walkers

Vansky Motion Activated Under Bed Light, $18

This LED night light will automatically kick on when Dad or Mom gets out of bed in the middle of the night—guiding the way to the bathroom, down the hall to check on the kids, or to the kitchen for a glass of water—without waking up the bed’s other occupant because the light won’t glare in the sleeper’s eyes. And the passive infrared motion detector will kick on quickly even in a pitch-black room.

father's day gift guide - philips wakeup alarm clock

For guys with places to go and things to do

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $100

Rather than waking Dad with a shrill electronic beep, this clock creates a gradual, accurately colored sunrise simulation that wakes him up over the course of about 30 minutes. It’s almost like arising with the real sunrise—except he gets to choose the time—leaving him feeling more rested and awake.

father's day gift guide - blue light blocking glasses

For pre-sleep techies

Blue Blocking Amber Glasses, $35 or for those with reading glasses, Clip-on Blue Blocking Lenses, $30

The intense blue light emitted by phones, tablets, TVs, and other screens energizes the brain and inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone that initiates sleep, long after Dad turns off the device. These blue-blocking glasses (or clip-ons if he wears prescription glasses or readers) prevent the blue rays from getting to his eyes, much like the night setting on some phones.

father's day gift guide - saatva pillow

For the man who has everything

Saatva Pillow, $145

A new pillow will bring Dad comfort every night—especially if he’s currently sleeping on one that’s more than a year or two old. That’s when they lose their loft and begin to smell, according to Keith Cushner of the mattress review site The Saatva Pillow is made from shredded, all-natural Talalay latex for a plush, dense, hotel-quality feel with plenty of neck and spine support.

father's day gift guide - smart nora

For snorers—and their partners

Smart Nora, $329

This clever new gadget will prevent a snoring Mom from waking up Dad—or a snoring Dad from getting booted to the guest room. It includes a snore detector that lives on the nightstand and an inflatable cushion that sits under the pillow inside the pillowcase. When snoring is detected, the system will respond by gently inflating, thereby moving the snorer’s pillow, which repositions the throat muscles and eliminates the din—all without anyone waking up.

father's day gift guide - jarvania sleep headphones

For music lovers

Jarvania Sleep Headphones, $20, Amazon

This soft and lightweight sleep headband contains tiny, high-quality speakers that allow Dad to comfortably listen to an audiobook, music, the ballgame, or meditation sounds while resting his head on the pillow—and without disrupting his partner’s sleep. The Bluetooth speakers are battery operated, so the headband requires no cords—and the optional mask will block out visual sleep distractions too.

Have a new dad in your life? Share these life-saving sleep tips for new parents with him.