How to Choose the Best Chair for Your Bedroom

Consider adding a chair to your bedroom for personal expression, a cozy reading nook, or nostalgic charm. However, beware of clutter accumulation. Choose a chair that aligns with your bedroom's purpose and fits its size. Ultimately, if space allows, go for it, but ensure it serves its intended purpose and doesn't become a storage space.

There are plenty of opportunities to add furniture to a bedroom, from a dresser to a pair of matching nightstands to an upholstered frame for your bed. But what about a chair for a bedroom? Have you ever considered creating a sitting space in your bedroom?

Adding a chair to the bedroom can be an excellent idea. Ahead, we’ll explore all of the reasons why you should invest in a bedroom chair and how to find the right one for your space.

Should you have a chair in your bedroom?

Pros of a bedroom chair

Adds personality

Whitney Tingle, director of interiors at Christopher Architecture and Interiors, says bedrooms have long been a place of respite and comfort and a place for your individuality to shine through. Your chair choice can be another way to showcase your personal style.

“When the space allows for a chair, chaise, or even tete-a-tete, it encourages the room to even more become your own style within the home,” she says.

Creates a reading nook

A reading chair for the bedroom can feel like a peaceful oasis amid a hectic day.

“If you love a quiet morning with a coffee and book, a comfortable chair becomes your place to welcome the day,” says Tingle.

Inspires nostalgia

Bringing in an heirloom chair can conjure up good memories from the past. “If you have an antique that has memories or a story, that chair is a reminder of things of the past that allow the days of the future to fall more softly on a busy mind and body,” Tingle says. “Creating a little corner of the world, in the little corner of your home, is a special blessing that allows you to tuck away to reflect, rest, and restore.”

Cons of a bedroom chair

Tingle says the downfall of a chair in a bedroom is that it can become a place that quickly collects clothes at the end of a day and pillows for an unmade bed, among other items that simply don’t get put away.

“Being diligent in keeping a chair usable and functional is ideal for its frequent use, longevity, and lovely display,” she adds.

How to choose a bedroom chair

Whether you decide on a comfortable lounge chair for the bedroom or a breezy, bohemian hanging chair for the bedroom, it can be helpful to be armed with some tips as you figure out the right bedroom chair for you.

From a designer standpoint, Tingle says she always wants to help her client determine the goal of a sitting area in the bedroom—this can help facilitate the type of chair you ultimately choose.

For example, Tingle says if you’re an admirer of mid-century style, then an Eames Lounge chair in a classic white leather with walnut accents might be exactly what you want to have.

However, if reading, journaling, or snuggling with your little one is most important, she suggests an oversized chair in a plush fabric.

Tingle also notes that if your bedroom is on the small side and you simply want a place to put your shoes on for the day or have a quick moment before you head out the door, then a chair smaller in scale yet lively in color or pattern would be the perfect accent piece.

How to fit a chair in a small bedroom

Your top priority when picking a chair for your small bedroom? Making sure it fits, of course! That’s why it’s essential to do some measuring.

You don’t want anything too big and out of place or anything too small that gets swallowed up by the room. “Scale and proportion are always important,” says Tingle.

She also stresses the significance of returning to your goal for the sitting space in your bedroom, even if it’s small.

“Don’t get a stiff and stuffy chair if you are wanting to lounge and relax,” says Tingle. “If you want to accent your individuality in the room, make sure they are cohesive in style and aesthetic.”

Choose the best chair for your bedroom

Luna Swivel Chair

Add versatile, luxurious seating to your bedroom or living space with the Luna’s soft curves and sleek, compact shape.

Choose the best chair for your bedroom

Como Swivel Chair

With its geometric silhouette and abundantly plush seat, the Como makes the perfect reading chair to transform your bedroom.

Choose the best chair for your bedroom

Anais Chair

The timelessly elegant silhouette of the Anais Chair makes it a sleek seating option that adds refinement to any space.

Choose the best chair for your bedroom

Logan Chair

Perfect as a reading chair on an accent chair, the Logan exemplifies design and craftsmanship that stands the test of time.


Should you put a chair in your bedroom?

At the end of the day, Tingle says it’s a “resounding yes” from her if you’re pondering whether or not to place a chair in your bedroom. She says “if the space allows,” go for it.

Where should a chair be in a bedroom?

“Place the chair in the room first where the space allows,” Tingle says. “But also, if you have a lovely piece of art that you adore, place the chair in a way that allows you to admire it from afar.”

Tingle adds that placing chairs facing windows will allow you to experience not only your interior space but also the views of nature and the world around you, especially if the room is facing a body of water, a lovely garden, or even the mountains beyond.

Why shouldn’t I leave a chair in my bedroom?

“If the chair is constantly going to be an additional dresser or closet, maybe it’s best to not have one at all,” Tingle says.

Find the best bedroom chair at Saatva

Now that we’ve convinced you that adding a chair to your bedroom is a great idea, you should know that Saatva offers a variety of high-quality bedroom chairs.

  • The modern
    Luna Swivel Chair
    saatva luna swivel chair
    Luna Swivel Chair

    A stylish bedroom chair with an inviting silhouette

    will bring a contemporary vibe to your bedroom and allow you to appreciate a variety of views.
  • The
    Como Swivel Chair
    saatva como swivel chair
    Como Swivel Chair

    A modern & eye-catching bedroom chair with clean lines

    is similar but has more of an angular look.
  • The
    Anais Chair
    saatva anais chair
    Anais Chair

    A modern rendition of the classic slipper chair

    displays those curves that are so popular nowadays and provides an armless option if that’s what you prefer.
  • The
    Logan Chair
    saatva logan chair
    Logan Chair

    A mid-century style chair that exudes modern elegance

    is one that you can sink down into and relax, thanks to its arms and ample cushioning.

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