Trendy Bedroom Style Ideas and Design Tips to Inspire Your Room Makeover

It can be tempting to change your bedroom design style every once in and while. After all, you spend so much time in your bedroom that it’s nice to switch it up every so often to feel restored.

However, it can get tiring rotating the same old styles and design ideas that you find on the internet.

So, to uniquely and interestingly shake up your style, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight trendiest bedroom design ideas and ways you can easily incorporate them into your bedroom for a fresh new look.

1. Bohemian

One way to upgrade your bedroom decorating is to use an eclectic bohemian style. This style is cluttered yet stylish—so if you’re a minimalist, this one’s not for you!

Boho-style bedrooms often use a mix of colors and textiles to make the space feel more visually dynamic and appealing. You can incorporate bright colors along with natural materials to achieve this look.

You can also use materials like rattan, linen, and wicker in your headboard and bedroom furniture for a more eclectic feel.

2. Scandinavian minimalism

If you feel like your bedroom just doesn’t need any more clutter—even if it’s stylish—then consider taking inspiration from Scandinavian-style minimalism.

This bedroom decorating idea is essentially the exact opposite of the bohemian style. It takes away all clutter and focuses mainly on functional pieces that still look styled and beautiful.

Scandinavian-style minimalism is a great way to get a modern bedroom full of neutral colors—accentuating clean lines and a variety of textiles as opposed to color.

3. Farmhouse style

Farmhouse-style design is a great way to incorporate a cozy, traditional style into your bedroom. This rustic style is often described as shabby chic as it’s made up of country style elements like natural wood, clean lines, and greenery.

It also uses a variety of textiles and neutral colors that still make the room pop. Most commonly, you’ll see this style with white walls and lots of greenery as decor.

4. Modern design style

Modern design styles consisting of curved lines and unique shapes with pops of bright colors are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in bedroom furniture pieces.

For instance, an upholstered headboard can do wonders in your bedroom by bringing a variety of colors and textures into the space.

You can accomplish this style by having a uniquely colored bedroom wall, pops of color in your furniture, like nightstands or dressers, or different shapes in your light fixtures.

5. Mediterranean

Mediterranean design elements like warm earthy tones, a lot of exposed wood, and unique textiles are oftentimes incredibly comforting and cozy. Commonly, you’ll see detailed area rugs, wall tiles, or tapestries with this design.

You can incorporate this style into your bedroom by using natural-colored furniture (such as a bedside table or bed frame) and by using small decor items like table lamps and wall fixtures.

6. Coastal design

Coastal design is popular in beach towns and is typically found in lake houses. It often uses nautical decor, like anchors or seashells, to tie together the entire look.

It also uses a blue and white color palette, taking inspiration from the natural colors found on the beach.

If you’re not a fan of these distinct nautical elements, you can still achieve this style in your bedroom by using light and airy textures, natural textiles, and elements like wicker.

7. Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern design takes inspiration from the ’40s and ’50s and combines it with futuristic elements for a modern take on vintage.

This style typically uses straight lines, unique patterns, and natural materials. You’ll also find that it uses very warm-colored woods and stark whites in its color palette.

8. Victorian-inspired

Interested in a design style that’s classic like mid-century modern but just a bit fancier? Take inspiration from the Victorian era with a lavish four-poster bed, ornamental patterns on your walls, or lavish textiles.

This style uses a jewel-tone color scheme and textures like velvet and satin for an elevated look. It also traditionally uses darker-colored wood, long curtains, and lots of drapery.

5 extra bedroom styling tips to help create a cozy sleeping space

Sometimes, taking inspiration from a specific bedroom style isn’t enough to make your bedroom feel complete. Luckily, all it takes are some tips and tricks to finish off your design (or redesign) to make your space feel fresh, cozy, and tailored to you.

Here, we give you five extra bedroom styling tips that’ll turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep space.

1. Switch up your color palette

There’s nothing more boring than an all-white bedroom. Now, this doesn’t mean white can’t make your bedroom look and feel good—but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with a new color scheme that could make your space feel more you.

From bright colors to pastels, to black and white and neutrals (and everything in between)—the possibilities are endless.

While adding some color to your bedroom can seem daunting, it’s actually pretty easy to do. You can add color to your space with decor pieces like light fixtures, area rugs, and cozy bedding.

You can also change up the color of your walls or try adding an accent wall to make the room feel more complete. (Here are our top paint color trends for inspiration.)

2. Add fun throw pillows to your bedding

Another great way to elevate your bedroom style is to incorporate fun throw pillows into your bedding. Throw pillows are versatile and can fit into any interior design style. They’re meant to add more texture to your sleep space, but they can still be super cozy.

Throw pillows can work in any bedroom setting and are useful all year. You can purchase multiple pillow covers to change out colors and themes based on the season (or just whenever you feel like you need a refresh).

3. Take advantage of natural light

Besides a new color palette and throw pillows, natural light can do wonders in your bedroom to make it feel homey. We recommend you take advantage of natural light, especially in small bedrooms, to make your room feel spacious.

Position your bed frame in a place that gets the most natural light, and use mirrors to reflect light across the full bedroom. This can help you feel more energized throughout the day and even help improve your mood.

Suppose you don’t have a bedroom that’s properly positioned for natural light (or you don’t have any windows)—you can also use chandeliers, sconces, or other light fixtures to replicate the same effect in your bedroom. (Check out these bedroom lighting tips for more advice.)

4. Swap out your duvet cover seasonally

Another tip to consider when looking to upgrade your bedroom is to swap out your

duvet cover
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seasonally. You can use transitional design elements in the rest of your room that will work in any season as well.

Changing your duvet cover is incredibly easy and allows you to refresh your bedroom look without spending a whole lot of money. In fact, duvet covers can be fairly inexpensive when compared to other bedroom decor items.

Plus, you can match your throw pillows and other small elements to the new duvet cover design.

5. Don’t forget the artwork

Last but not least, find yourself some valuable artwork. Valuable doesn’t have to mean most expensive—it’s just whatever you deem significant to you or something you’d enjoy looking at every day that would match your interior design style and personality.

You can use it to highlight certain elements in your bedroom, play into your color scheme, or act as a cohesive element to the bedroom design.

Empty walls can be intimidating to start with—but finding a few art pieces you really love can be a great start to making your bedroom not only feel refreshed but also more you.

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