8 Best Hotel Products to Enhance Your Bedroom (and Your Sleep)

Experience the luxury of a hotel stay at home with these top-selling amenities. From plush slippers to fragrant candles, transform your bedroom into a dream space. Indulge in custom-designed robes, exquisite vases, and even a turntable for mood-setting tunes. Elevate your sleep with hotel-quality mattresses and soothing bedroom fragrances.

Feathery soft pillows, a plush robe, and calming scented lotions are just a few of the reasons why we fantasize about a swanky hotel stay. But daydream no more; now, travelers can take their hotel room home with them.

This new travel trend is the perfect way to transform your bedroom into your dream space. Whether it be stylish artwork hanging over your bed, the must-have towel, plush slippers, or even Bluetooth speakers, hotel amenities are selling like the hotcakes served at the breakfast buffet.

Here are a few of our favorite hotel amenities for sale from hotels around the world.

Best hotel amenities to enhance your bedroom (and your sleep)


frette slippers

The right pair of slippers is as personal a choice as a coffee order. Some opt for the classic, open-back hotel style available for purchase from luxury chains like St. Regis. Their custom-designed Frette 1860 slippers are as soft as can be.

But some might prefer something more flashy. Claridge’s Hotel sells hand-embroidered slippers made on London’s iconic Savile Row. These jade-green velvet loafers look like something out of Buckingham Palace, especially with Claridge’s crest on top.


date candle - la mamounia

Candles are a bedroom must-have, and what better way to remember a stay than with a scent? Morocco’s La Mamounia hotel transports you back to its orange tree-covered gardens with its custom-made Date candle.

Designed by France’s Fragonard house, this large candle sits in a simple porcelain pot, waiting to take you back to Marrakech with one light of its wick.

Shampoo and conditioner

pendry shampoo

Stock your ensuite with intoxicating scents like sandalwood, lavender, juniper, and orange blossoms. This is one of the best hotel amenities and is an easy and affordable way to add a dose of luxury to your day.

Pendry Hotels and Resorts works exclusively with MiN New York to create its signature shampoo and conditioner. Designed for comfort, you’ll be able to smell the rose, tarragon, bergamot, and lavender every time you shower.


hotel saint cecilia vases

Ideal for a bedside bouquet of flowers or just a piece of statement decor, handmade vases and ceramics from hotels make for a beautiful bedroom keepsake.

The Texas-based hotel group Bunkhouse has nearly a dozen hotels with unique gift shops stocked with hotel amenities for sale. The Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin sells stunning handmade vases by Portland, Oregon-based artist Gary Bodker. Delicate colors range from plum to charcoal.


saatva classic mattress

There’s no better feeling than sinking into a plush hotel mattress. Our mattresses are hotel quality; in fact, you can find them in gorgeous getaways throughout the continent, like The Chatwal Lodge in The Catskills and Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa in Aruba. It’s the best way to get hotel-quality sleep 24/7.


edition hotel robe

Fresh from the shower, doused in milky lotion, reaching for the hotel robe is the ultimate comfort. Whether it’s terry cloth, silk, cotton, or flannel, it’s the number one item hotel guests “accidentally” take home.

But it’s easier than ever to buy your own. And chains like EDITION have perfected the robe for their five-star hotels from Tampa to Tokyo. Made from a heavy, soft mixture of microfiber and terry cloth, wrap yourself up and relax.


crosley voyager turntable

There’s no DJing involved with this timeless bedroom item. Soften the mood with the Crosley Voyager Turntable from Denver’s ultra-stylish Catbird Hotel.

Designed to look like an old-school record player, it connects directly to your phone, laptop, or stereo system to play your favorite songs. Cute and practical, it’s the perfect combo.

Bedroom fragrance

st. regis bedroom fragrance

A bedroom fragrance is designed to help lull you to a peaceful sleep. At St. Regis hotels worldwide, bedrooms are misted with Caroline’s Four Hundred, made by ARQUISTE Parfumeur.

Crafted after Caroline Astor’s (the hotel’s founding matriarch) favorite memory of evenings in her Gilded Age ballroom, the mingling of wood, roses, champagne, apple blossoms, and lilies combine to make a beautiful bedroom scent.

Get a hotel-quality mattress at Saatva

Saatva Classic Innerspring Mattress

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.


Why do I sleep better in a hotel room?

Hotels go out of their way to make their rooms as calming and cozy as possible. Plus, hotel rooms are typically quieter and darker than our bedrooms at home, leading to a more restful sleep. And, of course, there’s the hotel-quality mattress.

What are the most common hotel amenities?

Soap, shampoo, and conditioner are givens when staying at a hotel. But the best hotel amenities are found at the fancier hotels, including slippers, robes, and vanity kits with items like makeup remover pads, cotton buds, and razors.

Want to feel like you’re in a hotel every night? Here’s how to give your bedroom a hotel-inspired makeover.

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