How to Choose a Wallpaper for Your Bedroom

Wallpaper is a versatile tool for transforming bedrooms, with various types available, including printed, natural fiber, textured, murals, and decals. Leni Calas of Ward 5 Design recommends considering placement and avoiding overly reflective or smooth textures. She advises working with a designer, emphasizing pattern density and scale awareness. Durable and easy to clean, high-quality wallpaper can last, and she suggests drawing drapes in sunlight to prevent bleaching.

Wallpaper is a longtime trick professional designers have utilized to instantly transform a space—including the bedroom—in a big way. Wallpaper can add to the overall appearance of your bedroom, whether you’re looking to create a statement wall or go top-to-bottom with a pattern.

“Bedrooms should be a place where you really show off your personality and style,” says Leni Calas, president of Ward 5 Design. “Wallpaper can help you do this in a unique and upscale way.”

If you’re wondering how to choose wallpaper for a bedroom, ahead, we’ll walk you through the considerations to take.

Types of wallpaper for the bedroom

Calas details the types of wallpaper you can ponder for your bedroom:

Printed wallpaper

Calas says printed wallpaper is the most common and widely used type of wallpaper. It comes in both paper and vinyl material and is typically printed with a design, she adds.

“Vinyl tends to be more durable and good for bathrooms but tends to look less luxurious due to its glossier sheen, so it’s not recommended for bedrooms,” says Calas.

Natural fiber wallpaper

“[Natural fiber] papers are made of natural materials like grass cloth or silk and typically have a subtle texture,” Calas explains. “They are commonly found in solid colors and tend to be more expensive overall.”

Textured wallpaper

Calas says textured wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular because it offers the design flexibility of printed paper along with the raised texture of natural fibers. “They are also more affordable than the higher-end natural fiber options,” she notes.

Murals and decals

“Murals differ from wallpaper because the pattern does not repeat,” Calas says. “These usually display a larger scale image, such as oversized florals or cityscapes.”

Decals, meanwhile, are peel-and-stick appliqués in a defined shape, such as an arch. “Decals tend to have a slightly lower commitment in terms of look because they can be easily removed,” says Calas. “They can also be easily applied on your own without an installer.”

How to choose wallpaper for your bedroom

There are a couple of key considerations to think about when choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom. They include:


“Consider where the wallpaper will be going,” recommends Calas. “Some common uses inside a bedroom are accent walls, ceilings, and areas with large windows and little wall space.”


Calas advises against using anything too reflective or smooth in your bedroom. “It will cheapen the overall look of the space,” she cautions.

How to take care of bedroom wallpaper

Even though it may not seem like it at first glance, Calas says wallpaper is incredibly durable and easy to clean, “so it takes very little effort to keep it lasting a long time.”

“I recommend purchasing high-quality paper from a reputable brand to ensure that the paper is made using industry standards,” Calas suggests. “And if you have a lot of sunlight in your bedroom, it can be a good idea to draw the drapes during times of high sun to avoid bleaching over time.”


How do I choose a wallpaper for my bedroom?

Calas says it’s easy to get paralyzed by all the options when choosing wallpaper.

Working with a designer is a good idea when making your selections, and many retailers offer design help at no cost,” Calas says. She adds that you can narrow down your options to three to five favorites, then reach out for some help in picking the final one.

“Pay close attention to pattern density and scale,” she says. “Sometimes, a wallpaper pattern can seem smaller or larger than it actually is. You may want to consider ordering samples to make sure you like it in real life.”

What color wallpaper is best for a bedroom?

You may be wondering how to pick the right hue for your sleeping space, and specifically, how to choose wallpaper for a small bedroom so it doesn’t overwhelm the visuals.

“If using wallpaper as an accent wall, pick a color that coordinates nicely with your chosen paint color but does not match it exactly,” Calas says. “If papering all walls, there are really no rules here, but I recommend taking this opportunity to show off your personality. After all, it’s your bedroom.”

What’s a good rule of thumb for wallpaper?

This is Calas’ top rule of thumb when it comes to wallpaper: “If you love it right now, use it. Don’t be afraid that in the future you may get tired of the look or change your mind. Gone are the days when interiors remained the same for 10 to 20 years, so lean into what you like in this stage of your life with the mindset that you can always change things up in the future.”

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