What Is a Split Bedroom—and Why Should You Want One?

A split bedroom is a type of bedroom found in split-level homes where the bedrooms are separated by common spaces. It offers customization opportunities, an open and central space, and improved privacy. However, it isn't a popular floor plan in the real estate market and may not be energy-conscious.

Most people think a bedroom is a bedroom no matter what house you’re in—but there are actually various types of bedrooms out there.

We all know about primary bedrooms and guest rooms, but have you ever heard of a split bedroom? And no, it isn’t a bedroom that’s split in half. It’s a floor plan that used to be popular back in the day, but it can still be found in homes today.

If you’ve ever heard of one in passing and wondered what a split bedroom is, you’re in luck. Below, we explore split bedrooms in more detail, go over the pros and cons of a split bedroom floor plan, and answer frequently asked questions.

What is a split bedroom?

Lance Thomas, principal of Thomas Guy Interiors, explains that a split bedroom floor plan has bedrooms on different sides of the house. The primary bedroom is split from the other bedrooms, typically by the common spaces of the house.

These types of bedrooms can be most commonly found in split-level homes or ones with staggered levels. Thomas says these homes were at their most popular in the mid-20th century—in the 1950s and 1960s—and were built as an offshoot of ranch-style homes.

“This floor plan is typically found in one-story homes, however, it can also include basements or garages in their floor plan,” Thomas adds.

Benefits of a split bedroom plan

Split bedrooms have quite a few benefits, according to Thomas:

  • With the bedrooms not being adjacent to each other on a single side of the house, there are plenty of opportunities for customization in a split bedroom design.
  • By placing the living, dining, and great rooms between the main bedroom and other bedrooms, the home is given an open and central space.
  • With a split bedroom floor plan, you can accommodate the privacy and varied schedules of house guests more easily. Guest rooms are typically separated from the primary bedroom by the common spaces, making it easy for guests to go about their business without disturbing their hosts.

Drawbacks of a split bedroom plan

On the flip side, there are some disadvantages to a split bedroom design. Thomas notes these downsides, which touch upon resale value:

  • There aren’t that many split floor plans left. Because they were built so long ago, it’s no longer a popular floor plan for the real estate market as the style went out of fashion.
  • Split bedroom floor plans are also not energy-conscious. It might be easier to heat or cool one side of the house where all the bedrooms are as opposed to opposite sides of the house in a split bedroom floor plan.

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What is a split bedroom, and why would I want one?

A split bedroom is a type of bedroom found in a split-level floor plan made popular in the ’50s and ’60s. It means the bedrooms in the home are separated by common spaces.

Some of the pros include the opportunity to customize the bedrooms since they’re far apart from one another, the chance to have an open and central space between bedrooms, and improved privacy.

“It’s perfect for large families sharing the space, or if you’re working from home, it creates a sense of separation from your work life and your home life,” says Thomas.

What is the proper name of a separated primary bedroom?

As mentioned, this is known as a split bedroom since it resides in a split-level home.

What is meant by a split floor plan?

“A split bedroom floor plan has bedrooms on different sides of the house,” Thomas says. The primary bedroom is split from the other bedrooms, typically by the common spaces of the house. Usually, it’s the kitchen, living room, or even a dining room, explains Thomas.

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