9 Ways to Transition Your Bedroom from Summer to Fall

As we move through the year, the tilt of the earth allows us to experience a variety of weather and temperatures. In this ongoing dance with our favorite star, the sun, we have broken these periods into four main categories called…yes, you might have already guessed it—seasons.

But it’s not just Earth’s position that changes. The transition into a new season can necessitate a change in our routines, bedrooms, and of course, wardrobes. This can be especially noticeable as we move away from the simmering days of summer and into the colorful days of fall.

How to transition your bedroom from summer to fall

To help prepare for this welcome change, we’ve highlighted nine easy ways to update your room for fall that will help to make the seasonal transition seamless. (Pumpkin spice latte not included.)

1. Bedside lighting

Even without the help of Daylight Savings (on November 4th this year), fall means less and less natural light during the day. Darkness helps our body wind down for bed and light, especially bright artificial light, does the opposite. Take a look at the lighting on your bedside table and aim for a bulb with warm tones and low wattage, 40 or lower, or five watts LED, is a good starting point.

2. Wood-based blinds

Fall means the changing and eventual disappearance of leaves. For many, the leaves surrounding our living space provide valuable shade throughout the year. Assess the blinds situation and shade coverage around your windows, especially near your bed, and consider counteracting this autumnal “leaves of absence” with wood-based blinds that pair particularly well with the season.

3. Seasonal candles

Take a page out of Denmark’s coziness playbook and bring the soothing light from a candle into your space. Candles can be a particularly useful way to decorate your room this time of year because they not only provide warmth from their flame but also a potentially pleasing scent from their wax. Fully embrace fall with a pumpkin- or apple-scented candle.

4. Textured rug

While the crisp fall outdoor air is a welcome change to the hot summer temps, the feel in your room can quickly go from cool to cold. This is especially true for your feet, which have to bear the contact with the chilled and often barren flooring. Give your feet a respite by throwing down a thick and textured rug that provides both the decorative aesthetic and physical warmth you’re craving in the later months of the year. (Ready to update your furniture too? Here are 15 Ikea hacks you have to try.)

5. Heavier curtains

The biting fall weather can sneak in through the windows as well as the floors. Don’t overlook the value of adding some extra insulation around your windows with heavier curtains. This has the added benefit of better controlling the early morning light as well.

6. Maintaining air quality

In addition to firing up the heating again, you’ll also want to take a second to do some routine air quality maintenance. Air filters should be changed about every three months and the dry fall weather can be further addressed with a humidifier in your bedroom.

7. Sleeping socks

You might have the ground covered with textured rugs, but the fall chill can still sneak into your bed and make your feet feel like icicles all night long. This occurs because, in an effort to keep our core warm, our body constricts blood vessels in our hands and feet. Throw on a pair of comfy wool socks and you’ll be asleep in no time.

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8. Throws and thicker bedding

We know how much temperature matters to the quality of your sleep. The fall temperatures can drop quickly, especially at night, and thicker bedding such as a down comforter is a great antidote. Also, consider an extra throw for the times you don’t feel like getting deep under the covers.

9. Fall color scheme

Decorating your room in traditional fall colors such as greens and yellows can actually give you a better night’s sleep. Maybe some accent pieces on the walls or even going the full nine yards and taking a paint roller to the walls can help make sure your rest stays at the same high quality no matter what season it is. And if you still need help sleeping after decorating your room for fall, here are 10 nighttime activities to help you relax.

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