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An adjustable bed has quickly become one of the most popular bed setups—and for good reason. When you pair your mattress with an adjustable base, you'll be able to raise your head and/or feet to get into a position that's most comfortable for you.

Whether you already have a Saatva mattress and are now considering an adjustable base, like our Saatva Adjustable Base Plus (previously called the Lineal), to go with it—or you're simply curious about whether an adjustable bed setup might be right for you—we're here to help.

Here, we're highlighting the benefits of an adjustable bed and explaining how to pair a Saatva mattress with an adjustable base to create an adjustable bed setup. We're also sharing Saatva adjustable bed reviews to help you determine if our products are right for you.

Why should you choose an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds have quite a few benefits that make it a good choice over other mattress setups. These are the top four reasons to choose an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds provide back pain relief

By allowing you to elevate your head and feet, an adjustable bed can help you find a sleep position that eases back pain—or stops it from happening in the first place. Most experts recommend sleeping with your head raised and your knees slightly elevated to help maintain the natural curve of your spine.

Adjustable beds curb acid reflux and snoring

Acid reflux and snoring are two common sleep disruptors—and raising your head while you sleep can help mitigate the symptoms of both conditions while you snooze. When it comes to acid reflux, keeping your head elevated will prevent acid from making its way into your esophagus. As for snoring, raising your head will help keep your airway clear.

Adjustable beds soothe sore muscles

Most adjustable bases have a massage setting. This feature can help soothe achy muscles post-workout. It can also help ease some of the pain associated with Restless Legs Syndrome.

Adjustable beds make it easy to do more than just sleep

An adjustable bed gives you the flexibility to find your ideal position for a variety of activities, including watching TV, reading, and working. An adjustable bed also makes it easier to get out of bed—some even come with under-bed lighting so you can see where you're going if you need to head to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Pair These Saatva Mattresses with an Adjustable Base

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.


Can a Saatva mattress be used on an adjustable base?

Mattresses made for adjustable bases flex without shifting the inner materials or weakening the structure. Pretty much all foam mattresses, whether memory foam or latex, can be used on an adjustable base—and about half of all innerspring mattresses on the market are likely compatible too.

Mattresses that are too thick to flex properly, as well as mattresses made with a border wire—heavier steel rod used in some beds to keep the springs in position—aren't compatible with adjustable bases.

Most Saatva mattresses can be paired with an adjustable base. The Saatva Classic 11.5" hybrid innerspring, Loom & Leaf memory foam, Zenhaven 100% natural latex, and Solaire precision adjustable air mattress are all compatible with adjustable bases, including our Lineal. (Get more advice on choosing the best mattress for an adjustable base.)

If you would like to pair the Lineal with a mattress from another brand, meanwhile, contact the manufacturer to confirm your mattress is compatible with an adjustable base before purchasing.

Our Best Adjustable Base

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

With weightless, Zero Gravity support, the Lineal adjustable base allows you to set your ideal position for sleeping—and living—with one touch of the remote.


What do reviews say is the best adjustable bed out there?

At Saatva, we happen to think pairing one of our mattresses with the Lineal makes for the best adjustable bed setup out there. But you don't have to take our word for it when we say our adjustable beds are better than the rest—the proof is in the glowing customer reviews.

Here's what customers have to say about Saatva adjustable bed options:

"Sleeping in zero gravity on our Lineal is incredible"

"Sleeping in zero gravity on our Lineal is incredible. The mattress is amazing regardless if you can afford to add the Lineal base. But if you can, do it! I told my wife that we could take a nice vacation this year or buy a nice bed. We made the right choice. Unlimited nights on a Saatva lineal is better than a week in the tropics anytime!" (Read the full review.)

"I wake up with no back pain"

"My husband commented that it is a joy to wake up in the morning with no backache. I agree! The customer service for our purchase was stellar. The delivery folks were knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and appropriately fast in putting our Lineal together and demonstrating the use of the remotes. We could not be happier with our purchase. I had considered back surgery, but there is no need now because the bed is wonderful. I wake up with no back pain. Elevating my husband's head alleviates his snoring. All of my future bed purchases will be with the Satvaa company. I appreciate the improvement in the quality of my sleep." (Read the full review.)

"I had considered back surgery, but there is no need now because the bed is wonderful. I wake up with no back pain. Elevating my husband's head alleviates his snoring."

"He doesn't toss and turn like he used to"

"The Saatva mattress is the first mattress I can honestly say my husband and I are actually completely satisfied with, and if you knew my husband you'd know this is no easy task! We both have back issues. On other mattresses, he would toss and turn all night, and on weekends could not sleep in because his back would end up hurting from laying down too long. Now with the Lineal adjustable bed and the Saatva mattress, he doesn't toss and turn like he used to, and he has been sleeping in on the weekends—one time it was as late as 11:00 a.m.!" (Read the full review.)

"We absolutely love being able to adjust our bed"

"We also purchased the Lineal adjustable base with our Saatva and I'm glad we did. We absolutely love being able to adjust our bed, and I feel really good about the 25-year limited warranty and how that protects me even as the years go on. We were tempted to go with a cheaper base, but they had mixed reviews and only a 5-year limited warranty, so in the end we wanted to make the RIGHT decision this time and we went all out and got both. I couldn't be happier with our decision and I'm so thankful to finally be getting a good night's rest again!" (Read the full review.)

"I couldn't be happier with our decision and I'm so thankful to finally be getting a good night's rest again!"

"The Lineal base is outstanding"

"Purchased and received the Loom & Leaf and Lineal base about a week ago. Delivery came on time and the delivery guys were great. They took away the old mattress and box springs. Took one hour to set up. The mattress we got was the relaxed firm. Not too soft, not too hard. Absolutely perfect for us. The Lineal Base is outstanding! A lot of features and wall hugger. Customer service was great as well. Called a couple times for info, [and they were] friendly and informed. I did a lot of research before the purchase and it paid off!!" (Read the full review.)

How does Saatva compare to other mattresses?

Still not sure whether Saatva is the right mattress brand for you? Here's how our adjustable base-compatible mattresses compare to the competition:

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