What Is the Best Mattress for Cold Sleepers?

Quality sleep is linked to maintaining an optimal temperature. Memory foam mattresses are recommended for cold sleepers due to their natural heat retention. The best bedding for cold sleepers includes down-filled comforters and flannel sheets.

The right temperature is one of the most important factors for quality sleep. If you tend to sleep cold, then you know how hard it is for your body to relax and fall into a restful sleep when its main concern is to keep itself warm.

We hear of people sleeping too hot all the time, but in fact, 37% of Americans report at least occasionally being too cold at night.

There are various reasons for feeling too cold at night. Some people have circulation problems due to a medical condition and others just feel cold most of the time for no particular reason. Whatever the case, there are ways to solve this problem. And your mattress can be a part of the solution.

Did you know that different materials in your mattress can affect your body temperature in different ways? If you’re in the market for a new mattress and being too cold at night is an issue for you, then read on to find out what makes the best mattress for cold sleepers.

The best mattress for cold sleepers

What do you want your mattress to be made of if you tend to sleep cold? Some materials naturally sleep hot, and those are the ones you should consider in your mattress.

The best mattresses for cold sleepers are memory foam mattresses. Memory foam naturally traps heat, which can be a problem for hot sleepers—but if you’re looking to get warmer at night, then heat retention is what you want.

Additionally, since memory foam contours around your body, more of your body comes into contact with the mattress and so you tend to get warmer faster.

Keep in mind that many memory foam mattresses contain cooling elements in the foam, such as graphite, copper, or gel, to help keep you from overheating. This can help ensure you feel the warmth without getting sweaty and uncomfortable.

When choosing a foam mattress, it’s a good idea to look for a mattress made with CertiPUR-US®1 certified memory foam as these aren’t treated with additional toxins and so are better for your health.

The best bedding for cold sleepers

If you’re a cold sleeper, there are many other products in addition to the mattress that can help you get warm and cozy at night.

Of course, it’s a good idea to get your thermostat set to the perfect temperature for you. But if it’s not possible, or if you’d rather not rely on your heater too much, then of course there are other products to help you stay warm during the night.

  • Getting the right comforter is key to staying warm while you sleep. Ideally, buy one that’s filled with down (the soft inner feathers of a duck or goose), but if that’s not possible, down alternative can make for a soft, fluffy, and highly insulating comforter filling.
  • Use a heated mattress pad.
  • Pick the right bed sheets. Flannel sheets are super warm and soft to the touch. Because of how they’re made, they create tiny insulating air pockets that help retain your body heat helping you stay warmer. Fleece sheets are thicker and heavier and are a great option if you live somewhere really cold.

Tips for cold sleepers

If your mattress and bedding aren’t enough to keep you warm (or if you share those with a partner whose tolerance of cold is much higher than yours), fear not. There are still steps you can take to keep yourself warm and cozy at night:

  • Wear flannel pajamas.
  • Wear cotton socks to bed to help you preserve your body temperature. (Did you know that wearing socks to bed has been scientifically proven to help people sleep better?)
  • Drink a cup of hot herbal tea before bed.
  • Warm up your side of the bed with a hot bottle for 30 minutes before you get in.

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What’s the best mattress for cold weather?

Memory foam mattresses are naturally insulating and so are the best mattresses for cold weather.

What’s the warmest mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are the warmest mattresses because they retain heat. Many memory foam mattresses do contain cooling materials (like graphite or gel), which can help prevent you from overheating.

What makes an ideal mattress for cold sleepers?

If you’re a cold sleeper, then you should choose a mattress that has great heat retention properties. Memory foam is known for its heat retention properties. Additionally, because it curves around your body, and more of your body comes into contact with the mattress, it can help you stay even warmer.

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  1. CertiPUR-US® is a registered trademark of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. ↩︎

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