Want a Better Sex Life? Get a Better Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for sex is important for a satisfying experience. Factors to consider include mattress responsiveness, cushioning, noise level, edge support, and durability. Different body types may require different firmness levels. Investing in a quality mattress is essential for long-lasting enjoyment.

Let’s face it—whatever heartfelt sentiment your Valentine’s Day card conveys, on February 14 the truest romantic expressions are often delivered in bed. And if you’ve got a lumpy, lifeless old mattress, chances are your intimate celebration will be similarly lacking in oomph. The pros at Women’s Health said it best:

How to choose the best mattress for sex

If you’re looking for the best mattress for sex, here are five things to consider in a new mattress before next Valentine’s Day rolls around. And for any couple who wants to be more satisfied in bed—even when they’re just sleeping—check out these tips for co-sleepers.

Mattress responsiveness

The website sleeplikethedead.com rates mattress types across a range of sexual-suitability categories, from the ease of movement to position variety. Three mattress types—innerspring, latex, and hybrid—all tie for the top overall rating. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference, says goodbed.com founder Michael Magnuson. “You’re picking between the bounce and responsiveness of an innerspring or hybrid mattress versus the traction and ease-to-climax of foam,” he says. “It depends on the positions you prefer and how athletic your sex is.”

“The rectangle you’re bouncing up and down on can make all the difference when it comes to achieving that ‘Yes, yes!’ rhythm.”

Mattress cushioning

Apply the Goldilocks rule to mattress firmness, advises Keith Cushner of sleep resource site tuck.com. “A too-firm mattress can cause painful pressure points during an acrobatic romp,” he says, “and one that’s too soft can sink under the weight of two, causing back pain for the person on the bottom.” Larger, heavier people need the support of a firmer mattress, while petites will be more comfortable on a softer surface. For couples of different body types, a medium firmness may be just right.

Watch this video to learn more about how to choose the best mattress for sex:

Mattress noise

Discretion is the better part of Valentine’s night. Whether you have neighbors in the apartment downstairs or children asleep in the next room, the best mattress to have sex on lets you get busy without making a ruckus. “Innerspring is generally louder than foam or air-filled, especially as the mattress ages,” says Cushner.

More important, however, is to make sure to replace a creaky old foundation (aka boxspring), and take care with that free metal frame that comes with most mattress sets. “Those tend to shake, rattle and roll, even if you have a rug,” he says.

Mattress edge support

For an adventuresome evening, you’ll want a mattress with good edge support. “The perimeter is the weakest part of a standard mattress,” Magnuson explains. “If you are going to move around and use the full playing field, the edge can compress and drop you on the floor.” Minimize the risk by choosing an innerspring mattress with enhanced support around the perimeter, or a higher-density foam mattress that does not compress as easily.

Mattress durability

Looking ahead to future Valentine’s Days, birthdays, and anniversaries—and hopefully plenty of unscheduled romance in between—you’ll want a mattress that will support good lovin’ for many years to come. And that means investing in quality. “Sex is by far the most demanding activity a bed faces,” says Cushner. “If you have an active sex life, shop like a marathoner buying sneakers: Look for support and durability—and don’t expect it to last forever.”

Our best mattresses for sex

Saatva Classic Innerspring Mattress

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.

Zenhaven Latex Mattress

Natural latex responds to every curve for pressure-free support and responsive comfort. Natural latex is supple, resilient, and durable, for the ultimate in elevated sleep. (It's naturally hypoallergenic too.)

Saatva HD Mattress

This luxury hybrid innerspring mattress is specifically engineered to support people weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. Plush upper layers made of foam and latex deliver comfort, while a high-durability coil base offers support.

Latex Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress combines the pressure-free support of natural latex with the classic innerspring feel. Handcrafted with pure materials for the ultimate in cool and healthy sleep.

Do you and your partner have different body types? Larger, heavier people need the support of a firmer mattress, while those with smaller bodies will be more comfortable on a softer surface. For couples of different body types, a medium firmness may be just right. Here’s how to find the best mattress for your body type.

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