How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

/ December 27, 2018

One of the most exciting parts of having a new bedroom is deciding how to decorate and design it. From choosing the perfect color pattern to finding new furniture, the options are endless.

But what if your new space is on the smaller side? The additional challenge of optimizing your new bedroom can be daunting. After all, you to make sure your new room doesn’t seem too cluttered and that your belongings will all fit without looking overcrowded.

You don’t have to sacrifice style to save space. We’ve rounded up our favorite design tips to make your small bedroom appear larger.

1. Choose lighter colors

Lighter colors tend to enhance the size of the space. Darker colors, while giving a feeling of warmth, tend to feel more closed off and cozy. Stick with neutrals or a monochromatic theme when designing to give your room the appearance of space. If you’re craving color, try adding an accent color in your drapes, bedding, or rug.

2. Downsize your mattress

The writers at Freshhome understand the importance of space. We all want a king size mattress, but not all of us are blessed with the necessary square footage to have one. If your bedroom is on the smaller size, try switching your mattress to a queen or even a full size. What you’ll lack in mattress size, you’ll make up for in additional room space.

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3.  Find an alternative to a nightstand

Full-fledge nightstands can take up a lot of valuable square footage. Find an alternative that can serve the same functionality but not take up as much room. The team at Apartment Therapy put together a list of alternative nightstands.  When choosing which direction to go, look at how you use your nightstand now. Do you just have a glass of water on it? Clothes? Only books? Find a suitable replacement from there based on your needs.

4. Find multi-purpose furniture

We found the next tip from the decor team at House Beautiful. Perhaps the most creative and space-saving adjustment you can make is utilizing multipurpose furniture. You might not have space for everything you want, so maybe a unique piece can suit both purposes. For example, you may really want a nightstand and a desk, but both are larger pieces that take up a lot of space. Have you considered using one item for the same purpose?

5. Maximize natural light

Natural light can really open a space up. If you don’t have large windows in your bedroom, consider adding a strategically placed mirror to fake the feeling of openness.

6. Bring a bit of outside, in

As an eco-friendly company, this is by far one of our favorite design tips. Adding just a little bit of plant life into your bedroom can make it feel more open and airy. To save space, add ceiling hooks for hanging plants or create a wall shelf for your green life.

7. Make a statement wall

Dedicate a wall to an accent color, different wallpaper, or even a mini gallery. Doing so will shift the attention to the striking detail, rather than your room size.

8. Creative shelving

If you have a lot of small personal items, add shelving in your bedroom. It’s important to keep it small and tidy so your room doesn’t feel too crowded. From books to plants and nick-nacks, shelving is always useful to organize smaller items.

9. Raise your bed

HGTV rounded up design tips for small bedrooms and stated that under the bed storage is a must. If you have a smaller room, raising your bed up a foot or so can open up a lot more storage space underneath your mattress.

10. Keep it simple

As tempting as it is to fit everything you have or want inside of your bedroom, overcrowding a small space can make it feel closed off and cluttered. When designing your room, you want to optimize your space. Keep it as simple as you can (within reason).

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