3 Things to Look for in an Innerspring Mattress if You're a Stomach Sleeper

/ July 23, 2019

If you're one of the 7% of Americans who sleeps on their stomach, chances are you've experienced some back pain. Although stomach sleeping has some benefits—it can help curb snoring, for example—it's not so great for your spine. That's why it's especially important for stomach sleepers to choose a mattress that works for this sleep position.

The classic innerspring mattress is a good option for stomach sleepers because it offers durable support and sleeps cooler than other mattress types. Here are the most important things to look for in an innerspring mattress if you're a stomach sleeper.

How to find the best innerspring mattress for stomach sleepers

The key to comfort for stomach sleepers—for any sleepers, really—is neutral spinal alignment. Because most people carry their weight across the hips and belly, sleeping on one's stomach can cause an unnatural bowing of the spine, which in turn can lead to back pain. To assure proper lumbar support and overall comfort, look for the following features:

  • Durable coils: Stomach sleepers shouldn't cut corners on a mattress. Innerspring mattresses made with low-quality coils will sag sooner, messing up your alignment and leaving you vulnerable to back pain. Pay attention to the style and thickness of the coils in the mattress. Individually wrapped coils, which move independently and contour to your body, are standard on higher-quality innerspring mattresses. As for coil thickness, it's measured in gauge—the lower the gauge, the thicker the coil. A high-quality innerspring mattress will have coils in the 12-15 gauge range.
  • Firm comfort level: Most stomach sleepers snooze best on a firm surface. If the mattress is too soft, your hips and belly will sink in too deeply. Experts recommend a medium to firmer comfort level (around a 6-8 on the firmness scale) to adequately support a stomach sleeper's body.
  • Cooling features: Feeling hot is a common complaint of stomach sleepers. Innerspring mattresses are naturally cool, as the open construction allows for easy air flow. Look for an innerspring mattress with an outer cover made of a breathable material, such as organic cotton. You can also add a mattress topper made with a cooling material, like graphite or gel, to further prevent sleeping hot. (Here are the best cooling features to look for in a mattress.)

Saatva's Best Innerspring Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Saatva Classic

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.


How to find the best pillow for stomach sleepers

Don't neglect your pillow. The National Sleep Foundation recommends using a thin pillow under your head—or no pillow at all. Placing a thin pillow under your stomach and pelvis may also help ward off back pain.

For more advice on finding the right innerspring bed for you, here's how to choose the best innerspring mattress for your sleep position.

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