How to Get the Best Mattress for Your Money This Labor Day

/ August 13, 2020

As with other national holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, you can expect to see sales on a lot of different items over Labor Day weekend—including mattresses. To help you navigate all the mattress sales over the holiday weekend, we've put together this handy guide to Labor Day mattress sales.

How to get the best mattress for your money this Labor Day

Get the best mattress for your money by following this advice.

Consider a mattress's features

You'll be spending 10 years (potentially more) on your new mattress, so it's important to do your research and look closely at a mattress's features before purchasing during a Labor Day mattress sale. Ask yourself these questions when mattress shopping to help determine whether you're really getting a quality product:

  • What’s inside the mattress? A good mattress company will provide diagrams with detailed descriptions and precise specifications for each layer in a mattress.
  • How does the mattress provide lumbar supportlumbar support? To keep your spine in proper alignment and help prevent back pain, a mattress should have an area of reinforcement in its center third, where most of the body’s weight is concentrated.
  • Will the mattress keep me cool? Innerspring and latex mattresses are naturally cool, while memory foam tends to sleep hot. If you like the “huggy” feeling of memory foam, look for one that incorporates cooling materials like gel or graphite.
  • Is the mattress eco-friendly? These days, many consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental and health impacts of the products they use. If a mattress is certified by a third party to be organic and free of harmful chemicals, you can have confidence that it’s good for you and the planet. Keep your eye out for these mattress certifications.
  • How much does the mattress cost? Mattress prices can range a whole lot, with some coming in at just a few hundred dollars and others with price tags in the tens of thousands. That said, a quality mattress made with premium materials generally costs in the $1,000 to $3,500 range.

Shop Saatva This Labor Day Weekend

Saatva Classic

Our flagship luxury mattress is expertly engineered with coil-on-coil construction for durability, a layer of memory foam for enhanced back support, and a cushiony Euro pillow top for extra comfort.


Comparison shop

When it comes to mattresses, you have a lot of options. Before buying the first mattress you see on sale this Labor Day weekend, take time to comparison shop. We've broken down the key features between Saatva's luxury mattresses and other popular mattresses on the market to make comparison shopping easier:

Read the fine print

Whether you're buying a mattress during a Labor Day mattress sale or any other day of the year, always read the fine print. Here are four policies to pay particular attention to:

  • Delivery: So you found a mattress you love—but how is it going to get to you? Delivery policies—and the fees associated with them—vary a lot depending on where you buy your mattress. Saatva, for example, specializes in free white glove delivery. That means we deliver and set up your bed—as well as remove your old mattress—for no extra cost. Most bed-in-a-box companies, on the other hand, ship their mattresses, leaving you to set things up yourself. At this time, Saatva is also offering contactless delivery for those who prefer not to have delivery personnel in their homes. (Learn more about how we’re handling deliveries during Covid-19.)
  • Home trial: You won’t really know whether a mattress is right for you until you sleep on it for a while. Most online mattress companies will give you 90 to 180 nights to try a mattress. (Saatva’s home trial is 180 nights.) If at any point during the trial you’re unhappy, you should be able to exchange or return the mattress according to the company’s policies.
  • Return policy: It’s a good idea to read up on the return policy before buying a new mattress, just in case you don’t absolutely love your new bed. Most mattress stores and online mattress companies offer exchanges and returns for low or no charge. Saatva, for example, charges a $99 transportation fee to pick up a return. Some companies may charge a pickup fee, restocking fee, or require you to donate the mattress yourself before getting reimbursed.
  • Warranty: Last but not least, consider the warranty. A good mattress should come with a robust warranty that the company is willing to stand behind. Look for a warranty period of at least 10 years. A non-prorated warranty is ideal, as this means the amount of coverage you get doesn’t change the longer you own the mattress.

More Great Saatva Mattresses to Shop This Labor Day

Saatva Latex Hybrid

This all-natural, organic mattress combines the pressure-free support of Talalay latex with the classic innerspring feel. Handcrafted with pure materials for the ultimate in cool and healthy sleep.


Additional Labor Day mattress shopping tips

We've rounded up additional advice for buying a mattress over a holiday weekend.

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