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Queen Size Bed Dimensions Guide

If there were a popularity contest among beds, the winner would be clear: the queen size bed. It’s the most frequently purchased mattress size around, and for good reason.

“A queen size mattress is ideal for many people because it offers generous sleeping room for a single sleeper, yet the size is still ample and comfortable for two people,” says Mary Brennan, interior designer and founder of House of Fine Design in New Jersey.

A queen size bed is also suitable for bedrooms of many different shapes and sizes. “The added bonus is you can often play a bit more with the placement of the bed in the room,” Brennan says.

A queen size is also a spot-on choice for guest rooms since it can accommodate two adults and also leaves enough space in the room for additional furnishings, like a bench or chair. “And for people who live in an apartment, a queen is usually more size-appropriate than a king,” Brennan adds.

Here’s how to determine if a queen size bed is right for you, from queen mattress dimensions to design considerations to keep in mind.

Queen mattress dimensions

At 60 by 80 inches, a queen is not as large as a king size bed (which measures 76 x 80 inches), but it’s still pretty roomy. When compared to queen bed dimensions, a full size mattress measures smaller at 54 x 75 inches. This makes a queen size bed an ideal happy medium.

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Benefits of a queen size bed

A queen size bed has a lot of things going for it. Here are the top three reasons you should consider one for your bedroom:

  • It’s versatile, making it an outstanding option for couples and solo sleepers alike. Each sleeper gets about 30 inches of space to themselves. This gives couples plenty of room to move around. If you’re a combination sleeper—someone who switches positions throughout the night—you should have enough room in a queen size bed so you won’t disturb your partner.
  • You’ll have enough room for kids and pets as well. Although a queen size mattress isn’t quite as large as a king, you should still comfortably be able to snuggle with your family.
  • There’s more legroom than a full size bed. Because queen size beds are longer than full size beds, they’re a better option for tall sleepers. Remember: A queen size bed is 80 inches in length (roughly 6 feet 8 inches), while a full size bed is 75 inches, which is barely more than 6 feet in length.

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Drawbacks of a queen size bed

In our opinion, there aren’t a ton of drawbacks when it comes to a queen size bed, but here are a couple of points to consider:

  • Naturally, a queen size bed doesn’t offer as much room for couples and/or families as a king size bed. You’ll have 8 inches less width in a queen size bed than you would in a king.
  • If you have a very small bedroom, a queen size bed is still sizeable enough to cramp your space. You should only choose a queen size mattress if your bedroom is at minimum 10 feet by 10 feet.

Says Brennan: “The one obvious drawback to a queen size mattress? It’s simply not as roomy as a king. But you must let your available space in the room guide your decision. When there is a room that is just big enough to squeeze in a king, my recommendation would be to choose the queen instead.”

Choose artwork to complement your bedroom decor and place it strategically around your queen size bed.

Design considerations for a queen size bed

Brennan also shares some design considerations to take into account when purchasing a queen size bed. “Bedside tables around 24 inches in width are a good size for a queen bed,” she says. “There is enough surface area to have something pretty, as well as the functional things like enough room to place your latest good read, without being too large or taking up too much space in the room.”

When it comes to lighting, “For a queen bed for two, keep in mind that the bedside lighting will be that much closer to the other person, so keeping the size of the lighting relatable to the size of the table is good to prevent too much ‘light spill’ when it’s not wanted,” explains Brennan. “Wall-mounted swing-arm sconces are a great choice next to a queen bed.”

Brennan adds that when decorating around a queen size bed, consider placing some great artwork above each bedside table. Or, if you opt to hang wall art above the headboard, a pairing of two art pieces looks just-right above a queen.

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Queen mattress foundation

Lastly, you’ll need to think through the foundation. In general, queen mattresses can be paired with several foundation types—just be sure to double-check with the manufacturer to see what your mattress is compatible with.

  • A traditional box spring foundation historically contained actual springs in a wood box, but today, it’s more of a fabric-covered or exposed wood frame that adds flexibility to the bed. It supports the mattress and creates a comfortable height for your bed.
  • An adjustable base allows you to raise and lower your head and feet, making for maximum customization and comfort. (Here are the top health benefits of an adjustable base.)
  • A platform bed is a modern option meant to be used without a foundation since the mattress rests directly on the platform.

Still not sure which mattress size is right for you? Here’s how to choose between a king vs queen size bed.