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Should You Buy a Mattress on Cyber Monday?

The first Cyber Monday took place in 2005. It’s now one of the biggest shopping days of the year, alongside Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. In 2018, Adobe reported that customers spent a whopping $7.79 billion on Cyber Monday, up almost 20% from 2017.

Toys and electronics are the most popular items to snag during Cyber Monday. According to Adobe, Fingerlings (a toy I had to Google and am very confused about) were the top-selling items of 2018. The Nintendo Switch, Dell and Apple laptops, and LG TVs also made it onto the list of top five highest-selling products last year.

Many online mattress companies advertise deals on Cyber Monday as well. But is this online shopping holiday really the best time to buy a new mattress? Before handing over your credit card info, here’s what you need to know.

Should you buy a mattress on Cyber Monday?

It makes sense that Cyber Monday is so popular. After all, you get to score major discounts on your favorite brands without having to deal with insane crowds at the mall. When it comes to buying a mattress on Cyber Monday, though, you may want to think twice.

That’s because you may not actually be getting that great of a deal. Here’s why: Most of the mattresses you’ll find on sale on Cyber Monday are of the “bed-in-a-box” variety. These foam beds come compressed, rolled, and packed into a shipping box. So that they can be more easily squashed, they’re made using lower-density foam, which won’t support you as well or last as long as premium foam.

Here’s what that process looks like:

Before you take the plunge on Cyber Monday, take a look at these comparisons of Saatva’s mattresses, which are never compressed, vs. our bed-in-a-box competitors. What you’ll find is that a premium eco-friendly foam mattress, hand-delivered and set up in your home for free, doesn’t have to cost more (and often costs less) than a bed in a box.

If you’re considering a new mattress this Cyber Monday, it’s also important to read the fine print. Most bed-in-a-box companies ship their mattresses to your door via UPS, which leaves setup to you unless you want to pay extra. (A queen-size boxed mattress usually weighs 100 pounds or more.)

Plus, if you buy a Cyber Monday mattress and decide later that you made the wrong choice, you may have to deal with limited return policies. It’s especially important to note that if you buy through Amazon you may not get the same return policy as you would if you bought directly from the mattress company.

What Saatva offers on Cyber Monday

Saatva doesn’t have sales on Cyber Monday or any other big shopping holiday. Instead of running occasional discounts that distort the true value of our mattresses, we offer consistently low prices year-round. From day one, we’ve pledged to always be transparent about our pricing. We never want customers to wonder if they’re getting the best deal on our products.

Shop the Saatva products seen here this Cyber Monday: 

Here’s what you will get from Saatva on Cyber Monday—and the other 364 days of the year:

  • Free white glove delivery and setup nationwide
  • 120-night home trial
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Industry-leading warranty

The bottom line: Don’t feel pressured to buy a new mattress on Cyber Monday just because it’s on sale. In fact, you don’t have to buy a mattress on Cyber Monday to find a good deal. We know where you can get a high-quality luxury mattress at an affordable price, 365 days a year.

Read our guide to the best time to buy a new mattress for more holiday mattress-shopping tips.

Christina Heiser is the content manager at Saatva. She has held previous positions at Everyday Health, Women's Health, and L'Oréal. When she's not working, you can find Christina checking out the latest boutique fitness classes in New York City, cheering on her college basketball team (go Red Storm!), and trying new beauty and wellness trends.