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Saatva Classic Warranty

We warrant that our American made luxury mattresses will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a NON-PRORATED period of 15 years.

Following are the details of the friendliest warranty in the mattress industry:
For the first 2 years of the 15 year non-prorated warranty, The Saatva Company will replace your mattress with a brand new Saatva at absolutely no charge to you if deemed defective. In years 3-15, The Saatva Company will completely repair and re-cover your Saatva, the only charge to you being transportation costs of $99 each way. Absolutely no other charges.

Separately, and solely at your option, The Saatva Company offers the unprecedented “Fairness Replacement Option” should your bed be deemed defective. There are too many conflicts and arguments between mattress stores and their customers as to determining actual defects. It’s unfair to you, and the “Fairness Replacement Option” has completely eliminated any warranty issue being a hassle for you. Here is how it works:

In all circumstances, if you are choosing the “Fairness Replacement Option,” YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS. If you choose, instead of us repairing your Saatva in years 3 to 5, we will deliver and install a brand new Saatva mattress for only 40% of the original price you paid. Within years 6 to 10, we will replace your mattress for only 60% of the original price you paid and years 11 to 15, we will replace your mattress for only 80% of the original price you paid. Transportation cost of $99 will apply for the delivery of your new mattress. Remember, YOU KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS, be it for another room in your home, a family member or friend, or to donate to the charity of your choice. This option may only be used once per customer.

Your warranty remains valid if the mattress has been used on a platform bed.

Your warranty will absolutely remain valid if any 11.5″ mattress is used on an adjustable base (This applies only to any 11.5″ Saatva mattress. Any 14.5″ Saatva mattress cannot be used on an adjustable base and would therefore void the warranty).

If you are using a metal frame, the warranty shall be void if the foundation is not supported by a 5- or 6- legged metal bed frame on Queen or King size. Queen and King size frames must have a vertical center support. If you have a Full or Twin size bed, your warranty will be valid with the use of a 4-legged metal frame.
Warranty does not apply if bedding has been burned or otherwise abused or damaged.

Your Saatva warranty is valid only to the original purchaser.

In order to provide the most optimum sleeping surface this premium product contains only the finest quality materials. As with all premium sleep products, certain body conformity adaptations will take place as your mattress adjusts to your particular body shape. This is to be expected and is part of the performance of your mattress. Body impressions greater than 1″ are covered by the warranty.

Consumer must notify The Saatva Company in writing of any claims.

We believe the above warranty is the friendliest, clearest, and strongest mattress warranty in the industry.

Thank You,
The Saatva Company