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Mattress Foundation

Better than a box spring, our foundation adds optimal support & durability

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Complete your ultimate sleep upgrade by pairing your Saatva mattress with our high-quality bed foundation.

Our steel Universal Frame (sold separately) supports and lifts your foundation and mattress 7.5" off the ground. Mattress cannot sit directly on the Universal Frame without a foundation.

  • More durable than a traditional box spring
  • Handcrafted from North American spruce
  • Made with CertiPUR-US® foams & an organic cotton cover
  • Creates a seamless look with your Saatva mattress
  • King and Cal King foundations come as a split design for ease of delivery and setup. This does not affect the feel or performance of the foundation under your mattress
Leap Year
15% off orders $950+ | Ends 2/29
Leap Year | Ends 2/2915% off orders $950+ | Learn More

Upgrade your sleep experience from the ground up with a better bed foundation

Designed to be stronger, quieter, and just plain better than the traditional box spring, our high-quality mattress foundation pairs seamlessly with any Saatva mattress.

  1. Optimal Support

    Optimal support

    Durable construction protects your mattress investment by creating a more stable, comfortable sleep surface.

  2. Cotton

    Better for you & the planet

    Organic cotton cover and CertiPUR-US® foams ensure that your sleep setup is free of potentially harmful chemicals.

  3. American Flag

    Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

    Premium North American spruce creates a durable foundation that’s made to last.

Don't just take our word for it

Saatva has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 96% of Saatva customers are satisfied with their purchase**.See for yourself why we have the highest customer review ratings in the mattress industry.

*From a recent Saatva customer satisfaction survey, which we conduct on a regular basis to ensure service, product, and overall quality standards.
**Based off Saatva return rates.

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  • The Saatva foundation comes in all standard U.S. sizes:

    TWIN: 38" x 75"

    TWIN XL: 38" x 80"

    FULL: 54" x 75"

    QUEEN/SPLIT: 60" x 80"

    KING/SPLIT: 76" x 80"

    CAL KING/SPLIT: 72" x 84"

    The Saatva foundation comes in two heights:
    4.75" - pairs well with lower profile mattresses (11.5" or lower)
    8.75" - pairs well with standard profile or higher mattresses* (12" or higher)

    Note: the combination of a 14.5" Saatva Classic mattress and 8.75" foundation may be too tall for some people.

    • Each slat is 3" wide.
    • Twin, Twin XL, and Full foundations have 5 slats evenly spaced apart.
    • Queen, King and Cal King foundations have 7 slats evenly spaced apart.
    • King and Cal King foundations come as a split design for ease of delivery and setup. This does not affect the feel or performance of the foundation under your mattress.

    If you need help choosing the right combination of mattress and foundation for your bed setup, call one of our sleep guides 877-672-2882.

  • The Saatva foundation is made in the U.S.A. using North American spruce, foams that meet the CertiPUR-US® standards for health and environmental safety, and a 100% organic cotton cover that is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The Saatva foundation’s high-quality materials and superior construction make it a better option than a traditional box spring: sturdy, quiet, and long-lasting for years of comfort.

  • A foundation can be covered in fabric or have an exposed wood frame, with a solid top or one made of wood slats.The main purpose of a mattress foundation is to raise your sleeping surface to a comfortable height and give your mattress optimal support.

  • In the past, box springs used to be made of wood and filled with metal coils to add a springy flexibility and cushioning to the thin, stiff mattresses of those days. Nowadays, what some people still call "box springs" are more accurately called mattress foundations or bed foundations. They don't contain metal springs anymore, but serve the same purpose of making your bed setup more comfortable and supportive.

  • No. A platform bed with a solid or slatted surface doesn't require the addition of a mattress foundation. Always check your mattress specifications to make sure your bed setup works with your new mattress.

  • Our mattress foundation comes with a lifetime warranty. View the mattress foundation warranty page for details.

  • Saatva offers two foundation heights, 4.75" and 8.75." There is no difference in quality or performance between the two heights; the choice is a matter of personal preference and the overall height of the bed setup you want. One consideration is whether you plan to use your existing bed skirt. The "drop" on a standard bed skirt is 14" to 15," which works with the 8.75" foundation and a standard 7" bed frame.

  • Deciding whether you need a Saatva foundation or box spring for your new mattress depends on the kind of bed you plan on using (platform beds, for example, don't need a foundation), your existing mattress foundation or box spring, and whether or not you plan to use an adjustable base.

    You will need the Saatva box foundation if:

    • Your existing foundation or support system is more than 7 years old.
    • Your existing support creaks, has soft spots, or is damaged in any way.
    • You want a foundation designed to support your specific mattress. Our Saatva HD, for example, requires pairing with our HD foundation for optimal support.
    • You want a foundation that matches your mattress. We use the same organic cotton blend cover for the Saatva box foundation as we do for our mattresses.

    You won't need the Saatva box foundation if:

    • You purchased a mattress support system within the last 7 years.
    • Your existing foundation is in good condition and provides sturdy center support.
    • You don't mind not having matching foundation.
    • You have a platform bed, which does not require a foundation.
    • You have an adjustable base, which takes the place of a foundation or box spring.

    To learn more about choosing the right support system for your mattress, see our article on mattress foundations.

  • Yes, you can order a split queen foundation to make delivery easier if you have an especially narrow staircase or hallway in your home. There is no difference in comfort or quality between a split queen foundation and regular foundation. Note: A split foundation is standard on king and California king sizes.

  • Some people use what's called a bunkie board under their mattress to give it additional support. This a thin piece of material, often plywood or particleboard, that can be used with any type of bed setup, whether it's an old box spring, foundation, or a slatted platform bed frame. You don't need to add a plywood support on our Saatva mattress foundation as it already provides the optimal support your mattress needs.

  • Yes. Our steel Universal Frame has a plate at the top for headboard attachments. Please check with the manufacturer of your headboard to make sure it's compatible with standard metal frames.