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Introducing the Saatva Solaire mattress. With six luxurious layers of comfort and 50 firmness options you can adjust at the touch of a button, you never have to compromise on comfort again.

Personalized comfort

Individual controls let you set the firmness level that's right for you, using mm/Hg, the most precise scientific standard of pressure.

Precision performance

Air chamber adjusts firmness incrementally, hidden pump operates quietly, and moisture barrier protects mattress components.

Saatva luxury materials

Solaire is handcrafted with Saatva's signature luxury materials, including organic cotton, Talalay latex, and gel-infused memory foam.

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Solaire redefines luxury with six performance layers, precisely engineered for maximum comfort and support. See what better sleep looks like.

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"The Solaire is constructed from organic cotton, Talalay latex, and other high-quality materials that set it apart from most competing airbeds."

"The best feature of this bed is its personalized support, thanks to the adjustable air chamber(s) that allow the sleeper to find the perfect firmness level."

"I was very impressed by the Saatva Solaire mattress...a great option for those who want to vary the firmness of their mattress."

The reviews speak for themselves

See why happy sleepers across America have given Saatva mattresses an average rating of 9.7/10.

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Free white glove delivery & setup
25-year warranty

Never compromise on comfort

Finding a firmness level that two of you agree on: the ultimate challenge. With 50 individual settings on each side, Solaire gives you the power to choose the firmness that’s right for you. Compromise on dinner, not on comfort.

An objective comparison

Solaire delivers a precisely engineered sleep experience and industry-leading customer service, without the inflated price tag of other retailers or the hassle of shopping in stores. See how we compare.

Sleep Number
360® i8 Smart Bed

Firmness Settings

0–50, in mm/Hg

Firmness Settings

0–100, in increments of 5

Queen Price

remotes included

Queen Price

+$39 per remote

Free white glove delivery

Includes free setup & mattress removal

Free white glove delivery

$199 for set-up and mattress removal


25 year limited warranty (First FIVE years all parts and labor)


15 year limited warranty ( First ONE year all parts and labor)

Superior back support

5-zone Talalay latex offers uplifting support precisely where you need it most: in the all-important lumbar region. Body-hugging memory foam and a cushioned pillow top add pressure-relieving comfort. Solaire carries the seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations.

Engineered for durability and performance

  • Moisture protection

    Moisture protection

    Moisture barrier protects the precision components, ensuring a long life for the mattress and a healthier sleep environment.

  • Consistent feel

    Consistent feel

    Air chambers’ multi-directional box baffle design maintains fill from edge to edge and top to bottom to evenly support you.

  • Streamlined components

    Streamlined components

    Hidden in-rail inflator gives your mattress a sleek, luxurious look. You never have to worry about hiding pumps or hoses.

"Quality all around, from production to delivery."

Michelle, a Saatva customer

Softer. Firmer. Higher. Lower.

The Solaire Upper-Flex model ushers in a new era of customization in a mattress. With 50 firmness settings plus adjustable head positions on both sides of the bed, you never have to compromise on comfort again.

Eco philosophy

From the organic cotton cover treated with Guardin™ antimicrobial to the eco-friendly latex and memory foam layers, we’re committed to giving you a mattress that's better for the environment—and your health.

Adjustable air explained

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Add a Lineal Adjustable Base and save  $100

Woman resting on a mattress that is inclined by a Lineal Adjustable Base

Weightless, Zero-G support

Remote in hand being used to adjust the Lineal Adjustable Base

One-touch remote

Feet touching the ground with a lit path from the Lineal Adjustable Base

Under-bed illumination

Try it for 180 nights

We never pressure you to make up your mind quickly. We give you 180 nights to try Solaire at home.

Lineal Adjustable Base

Customized Sleep + Enhanced Comfort

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