1. Uplifting support

    Targeted support

    The 5-zone Talalay latex comfort layer provides firmer support where you need it most.

  2. Breathable sleep

    Breathable sleep

    Natural latex, organic cotton, and New Zealand wool promote easy air flow for cooler sleep.

  3. 100% natural Talalay latex

    Natural comfort

    Zenhaven is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and free of harmful chemicals.

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Zenhaven’s handcrafted layers are engineered for uplifting, pressure-free support, cool sleep, and durability. The precise Talalay process lets us offer two distinct comfort levels in one mattress: Want it softer or firmer? Just flip it over.

1. Latex 5-zone comfort layer

Five distinct zones of density provide firmer support in the lumbar region and maximum pressure-point relief.

2. Latex support core

Base layers are made of 100% natural Talalay latex, sustainably harvested, for resilient support and a healthy sleep environment.

3. Organic wool layer

Free of harmful chemicals, 100% organic New Zealand wool acts as a flame retardant and provides additional breathability.

4. Quilted organic cotton cover

Soft, breathable, and finished with gold damask trim. The organic cover is also protected with Guardin®, our exclusive botanical antimicrobial treatment.

Home Trial

120-night home trial

We never pressure you to make up your mind quickly. Enjoy your Zenhaven at home for 120 nights.

Consierge Delivery

Free white glove delivery

Sit back and relax while we do all the work. We’ll hand-deliver your Zenhaven to the room of your choice.

Warranty Removal

20-year warranty

We stand by the quality of our products. That’s why your Zenhaven comes with a 20-year non-prorated warranty.

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Choose your comfort level

Zenhaven features advanced 2-in-1 comfort technology. The Talalay process produces consistent latex in a wide range of firmness levels, so we’ve been able to build two different comfort levels into a single mattress. Simply flip the mattress over to find your perfect feel.

Comfort levels
Luxury Plush4-5

The comfort level preferred by 80% of latex customers. The Luxury Plush side conforms and supports your body effortlessly while maintaining an ultra-luxurious, plush feel.

Gentle Firm7-8

The Gentle Firm side is 18% firmer than Luxury Plush, for those who prefer a slightly firmer feel. Gentle Firm still provides uplifting, pressure-free support.

How it’s made

It starts in the trees and ends in the healthiest, most glorious sleep imaginable.

Harvest IconHarvest Icon

Step 1: Harvest & Mix

Natural latex is tapped from tropical rubber trees, strained for impurities, and shipped to the Talalay production facility in the United States. The liquid latex is mixed with a small amount of nontoxic, inorganic ingredients and whipped into an airy batter.

Molding IconMolding Icon

Step 2: Mold & Set

The mixture is poured into a mold studded with hundreds of narrow pins to form cells that enhance latex’s natural breathability and also create the 5-zone support structure. Once distributed throughout the mold, the latex is flash-frozen to ensure consistent cell structure, then baked into its solid form.

Assembly support

Step 3: Test & Assemble

After five washings in pure water, each mattress core is tested for consistent firmness in nine places. A separate inspection uses infrared to look for internal flaws. Approved cores are shipped to one of our 18 partner factories, where they are combined with layers of Talalay latex and 100% organic New Zealand wool, then wrapped in a lush organic cotton cover.

Customer reviews

America’s #1 luxury mattress brand online with 9.7/10 on over 40,000 reviews.

Ben TettlebaumJuly, 2020
Verified Owner

Zen Heaven

I now have three natural or organic latex mattresses from three different companies. They are all delightful. However, my Zenhaven mattress is the most comfortable and aesthetically beautiful mattress I've ever experienced. Thank you!...

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Wetmore MarilynJuly, 2020

Gentle Firm Queen has a speed bump

In October 2018 we ordered 2 extra long twin latex mattresses and slept on both sides comfortably. Our guests loved their "Zen sleep" on the twin mattresses also. Based on this positive experience we ordered a queen mattress for our master bedroom in November. Within a few days...

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BMooreJuly, 2020
Verified Owner

Wonderful Product and Customer Service

When I called recently with an issue that wasn't really their problem/fault, they went above and beyond to make sure we stayed in love with their product. And that was even more remarkable given that we had purchased our mattress quite awhile ago. Best experience I have had with...

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Jill HJuly, 2020
Verified Owner

Loving Our Zenhaven and Lineal

We ordered a Zenhaven king mattress and Lineal Adjustable frame(s). There was a bit of a glitch for the original delivery date, but the customer service team at Zenhaven and the 3rd party delivery team came up with a solution and everything was delivered and set up the following...

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PatJuly, 2020

Great decision for us

We've had our Zenhaven mattresses for about three months, and we couldn't be happier. We ordered twin extra-long mattresses that fit together on the king bed foundation. My husband prefers the firmer side, and I like the luxury plush --- but honestly, either one would be fine, and...

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MeganJuly, 2020
Verified Owner

Best bed of my life!

All I can say is wow. This bed is not only the best bed I have ever had, but maybe the best purchase! I honestly don’t take time to write reviews but night after night of amazing rest had to be praised! I have asthma and allergies and have had issues with...

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You really would have to spend a lot more to beat this

Built for a queen and covered in organic cotton

4.8 user rating

2018 Sustainability Product of the Year

2020 Best Bedding Award Winner

Choosing the right foundation

Every mattress needs some kind of base, and Zenhaven is compatible with most foundations, box springs, platform beds and adjustable bases. We offer a signature selection of options that work with our Zenhaven mattress.

Foundation + Frame

Our foundation provides optimal mattress and body support. It also contains our eco-friendly foams and is covered in organic cotton. Our heavy-duty metal bed frame fits all mattress sizes.


Lineal Adjustable Base

With weightless, zero gravity support, wave massage, and under-bed illumination, Lineal makes finding the perfect position easy. Set your ideal position for sleeping, and living, with one touch of the remote.

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